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How to Get Acorn TV on Roku Device

Get Acorn TV on Roku and stream your favorite content.

Key Highlights

  • Roku Channel Store: Streaming Channels → Search Acorn TV → Get ChannelLaunchSign inStream.
  • Browser: Open browser →  Search Channels → Search Acorn TV → Add Channel Stream.

Acorn TV is a streaming platform with content on various categories like documentaries, foreign language, period drama, comedy, mystery, feel-good favorites, popular, and more. If you are using a Roku device (Streaming or TV), you can directly install the channel from the Roku Channel Store. You can install the channel in two different ways. In addition, you can subscribe to the premium plans and get a 7-day free trial (new users). Ultimately, you need a subscription to stream the content on Acorn TV on Roku.

Acorn TV Subscription Plans


Note: You can cancel the Acorn TV free trial anytime you wish.

How to Install and Activate Acorn TV on Roku

[1] First, turn on your Roku device and ensure the Roku is connected to the WiFi internet connect it to the internet connection.

[2] Press Home on the Roku remote and select Streaming channels 

select Streaming channels 

[3] Next, select Search Channels under Streaming Channels.

choose Search Channels option

[4] On the search bar, type Acorn TV and search for it.

[5] From the search results, select the app and choose Add channel. The channel will be installed on your Roku device.

[6] Once installed, navigate to the Go to Channel section and launch the Acorn TV app.

[7] Sign In using the credentials and start streaming your favorite content

Note: If you are a new user, you can purchase the subscription on Roku and start streaming the content.

Watch Acorn TV on Roku

Tips! After watching the content, you can turn off your Roku device to avoid power consumption and related issue.

Alternate Way: Install Acorn TV on Roku Using a Web Browser

[1] Open a web browser on your Roku device and visit

[2] Sign in with the Roku account linked to the Roku device on the website.

[3] After signing in, select Search Channels and search for the Acorn TV app.

Search for Acorn TV

[4] Select the app from the search result and click + Add channel.

Click + Add channel to install Acorn TV on Roku

[5] Once installed, launch the app and stream it on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel the Acorn TV subscription on Roku?

If you have purchased the subscription on Roku, you cancel it anytime on the device. To cancel, press Home → Select Acorn TV channel → Press * on remote → Manage SubscriptionCancel SubscriptionDone.

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