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How to Install/Add Apps on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV runs on webOS which owns an LG Content Store using which you can install apps.

Like smartphones, Smart TV gives you instant access for various videos, music, photos and apps. However, the functionality of Smart TV including installing apps will vary from one brand to another. Here we will you the steps to add and remove apps on LG Smart TV.

Unlike other smart TVs, LG Smart TV runs on its own platform called webOS. It packs a wide range of apps, games, movies and other media which you can access on other platforms. Nearly, 200 apps are available in the LG content store.

Install Apps on LG Smart TV

How to Install/Add Apps on LG Smart TV?

Note: Active internet connection is essential to download apps on LG TV.

(1) Launch your LG Smart TV and connect it to the internet connection.

(2) Open the LG Content Store, where you can find plenty of movies, shows and apps.

Add Apps on LG Smart TV

(3) Select the Apps category and search for your app by filtering through the category or by using the search bar.

(4) After finding your app, select INSTALL to download it.

(5) After installing the app, click LAUNCH to open the app. You can also launch the app from the home screen of your TV.

Learn how to update apps on LG Smart TV?

Is it possible to download third-party apps on LG Smart TV?

Well, the answer is NO. Since it runs on webOS, there is no option to download or sideload apps from the unknown sources. You can download the apps that are only available in the LG content store. To stream the third-party apps on your LG Smart TV, you need to use streaming devices like Firestick or Google Chromecast.

How to Uninstall Apps on LG Smart TV?

(1) Press the smart home button on your remote to open the app’s dashboard.

(2) Navigate to the app that you want to remove from your LG Smart TV.

(3) Press the Up button on your remote and highlight the X mark.

Uninstall Apps on LG Smart TV

(4) Now, press the enter button on your remote.

(5) A warning pop-up will appear on the screen. Select the Okay menu to remove the app from your TV.

Follow the same steps to uninstall or delete more apps from your LG TV.

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