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How to Install and Watch All 4 on LG Smart TV

Watch Channel 4, E4, More 4 and much more channel on your LG TV by installing the All 4 app.

All 4 is UK’s largest streaming service with the best on-demand content. All 4 streaming service has a dedicated app for all devices, including LG Smart TV. By configuring your user account, you can sync the watching history across all the devices.

You just need a user account to stream the content from Channel 4, E4, More 4, Adult Swim, and many more. You can remove the ads by unlocking the All 4+ version, which costs £3.99/month and £39.99/year. For new subscribers, they offer a 14-day free trial on both plans.

All 4 App – Supported LG TVs

Only the selected models of LG support installing the All 4 app.

Released YearwebOS Version
2016webOS 3.0
2016webOS 3.0, Commercial
2017webOS 3.5
2017webOS 3.5, Commercial
2018webOS 4.0
2019webOS 4.5
2021webOS 6.0
2022webOS 22

How to Install and Watch All 4 on LG Smart TV

If your LG TV is listed on the compatible list, then you can install the All 4 app from the LG Content Store. Or, you need to connect an external device to your TV to install the All 4 app.

Before installing the app, open a web browser on your PC and sign up for a user account by visiting

#1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and connect it to a WiFi connection.

#2. Press the home button on your remote and tap on the More Apps section.

#3. Launch the LG Content Store and select the Apps category.

#4. Head to the Search icon and search for the All 4 app.

#5. Select the app and tap on the Install menu.

#6. Launch the app and tap the Accept & Continue button on the home screen.

all 4 on lg tv

#7. Go to the Settings menu on the left-side pane and tap the Sign In option.

all 4 on lg tv

#8. Now, configure the login credentials on the app and start streaming the media content you want.

How to Watch All 4 on LG Smart TV [Unsupported Models]

If your LG TV is not compatible with installing the All 4 app, connect and use the compatible external streaming devices.

all 4 on lg tv
DevicePurchase Link
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Apple TV

All the devices have native support to install the All 4 app.

#1. Connect any one of these devices to the HDMI port of your TV.

#2. Choose the proper input source on LG TV.

#3. Connect the device to a WiFi connection and open the respective app store.

#4. Install the All 4 app and configure your login credentials to watch the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is All 4 not working on my LG Smart TV?

All 4 app on your TV may not work properly if you have a slow internet connection. So ensure that there is no issue with teh internet connection.

Why can’t I find the All 4 app on my TV?

All 4 is a UK-based streaming service and cannot be found outside the UK. If you can’t find the app within the UK, then your TV is not compatible with installing the app.

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