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Animebam – Online Anime Streaming Platform

Enjoy uninterrupted anime streaming at absolutely no cost on Animebam.

Animebam is a popular streaming site and has been very popular among anime fans. Most importantly, it is compatible with smartphones as it is mobile-friendly. It not only offers options for anime fans but covers a wide range of categories such as movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime series, and much more. People earlier depend on satellite TV or other streaming platforms like Netflix or Hulu. However, due to the increase in the cost, people started to access free streaming sites.

DISCLAIMER – Animebam is a third-party anime streaming site, and we don’t have any affiliation with the site. This guide is entirely for educational purposes, and we aren’t responsible for any issues that arise while streaming on this site.

What’s Special About Animebam?

Animebam is a unique website loaded with several interesting features that make it stand unique compared to other streaming sites. Here are some of the key factors of the Animebam streaming site.

  • Straightforward Design – The streaming site has a simple design, unlike other popular sites. The website design lacks a thumbnail and several other appealing features compared with other similar sites. So it entirely depends on the user’s taste in how the website is performing. Animebam has a straightforward design and offers to serve what is required by cutting appealing designs.
  • In-built Streaming Option – The majority of the streaming site with minimal ads are free from malware threats and have a strong user base. They prefer streaming from websites that host their content. This site has an integrated video player.
  • Users Interaction – It has an option for the users to interact with the other fellow users. They will be able to comment on every single episode on the platform. By doing this, the users will be able to interact with each other, seek help, and answer or ask queries posted on the platform. It is made to provide the users with the convenience of helping users and keeping them connected.
  • Lesser Ad Experience – The users will be exposed to very few ads, so the chances for the devices to get affected by malware are lesser. It also provides the users uninterrupted streaming to offer a better user experience. This website contains only the banner ads on the sidebar of the screen that doesn’t disturb the streaming.

Pros and Cons of Animebam

These third-party streaming sites have various assets and liabilities depending on features and users’ comfort. But, it depends on the user when choosing the best site based on the requirement.


  • The users would be facing very minimal ads that would not disturb the user activities.
  • It has a built-in video player, so the users would not require to download additional software.
  • The users would be able to play the videos easily on this platform.
  • The library has a lot of information about the service they offer.


  • It has very simple designs and is not eye appealing compared with other similar streaming sites.
  • Lack of banners on the homepage and poor placement of comment box under the episodes.

Animebam’s Alternative Streaming Site

It is always good to have a backup streaming site that offers similar streaming services. There are several sites available online providing many features. Here are some of the popular streaming sites that are considered to be reliable alternatives.


Animeheaven home screen

Animeheaven is an online free anime streaming site that allows users to stream and download their favorite videos without any restriction. It consists of over 3500 titles and frequently updates the new release. This site contains a simple description to let the users understand the gist of the series. This streaming site also offers the option to comment or discuss with fellow users. Similar to the other streaming sites, it also contains genres like Action, Adventure, Horror, Romance, SuperPower, and much more.


9Anime Homepage - Animebam

9Anime is the simplest and easiest alternative for Animebam that the users can rely on. Though it does not have a vast collection of shows, it offers extraordinary quality for the content that exists on the website. The streaming player has subtitles by default, so the users may not struggle in identify the suitable one online.


Animeultima home screen

AnimeUltima site has a wide variety of anime in all genres without any restriction. The users need not login or register to the site for streaming. But the users have some benefits in signing up that include getting notifications on new updates. Here the users will be able to comment under each episode. The unique approach is that it has a discord page where the user will be able to discuss the anime and also takes up suggestion or recommendation.


Crunchyroll home screen - Animebam

Crunchyroll is one of the popular anime sites with a huge user base. It offers a great video quality of 720p to the users for a comfortable streaming experience. The users would be able to experience the fullest after registering the account by syncing it with the mail ID. It is compatible with all devices that have the option to browse and has a user base from different regions worldwide supporting different languages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the users need to log in to stream videos on Animebam?

No, the users need not login or register an account on Animebam. They can stream desired videos at any time without any cost.

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