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How to Type Arrow Symbol on Keyboard [Windows & Mac]

Inserting arrow symbols is no more an issue with the Alt codes and Keyboard shortcuts.

If you know to pictorially indicate the direction, then you would have found what this section is all about. For others, we decided to reveal and is nothing but the arrow symbol. While it seems to be an easy task to draw by hand, it isn’t the same while dealing with the keyboard. Hence this article helps you better deal with the arrow keyboard symbol.

How to type Arrow Symbol on Keyboard?

Find out how you can type arrow symbols on the keyboard on your Windows and Mac PC.

On Windows PC

(1). Turn on NumLock.

(2). Press & hold the Alt key and enter the Alt code to get the arrow you want. For example, Alt + 24 will give you upward arrow (↑)

For more different arrow keyboard symbols, you can check out the table given below.

Alt Codes for Different Arrow Symbols

Arrow TypeArrow SymbolAlt Code
Upward Arrow24
Downward Arrow25
Right Arrow26
Left Arrow27
Up-Down Arrow18
Left-Right Arrow29
Up-Down Arrow with Base23
Upward filled Arrow30
Downwards filled Arrow31
Rightwards filled Arrow16
Leftwards filled Arrow17

Try the Other Way!

In addition to Alt codes, Windows PC users can insert arrow symbols using Character Map, and Ribbon on Word file.

Using Character Map

(1). Use the search bar to type as Character Map to launch it on PC.

Open Character Map
Open Character Map

(2). Scroll down till you see the desired arrow symbol.

Tip! Select Font as Wingdings and choose between different arrow symbols.

Choose Arrow symbol
Choose Arrow symbol

(3). Double click to select it and press the Copy button.

Click Copy button-Arrow Keyboard Symbol
Click Copy button

(4). Navigate to the section you want to insert it and press Ctrl+V to paste it.

Using Ribbon

(1). Open Microsoft Word document.

(2). Click on Insert tab > select Symbol.

Select Symbols-Arrow Keyboard Symbol
Select Symbols

(3). Choose More Symbols and scroll down to find arrow symbols.

(4). Double-click on it, and the Symbol will get copied to clipboard.

Select Arrow Symbol-Arrow Keyboard Symbol
Select Arrow Symbol

(5). Navigate to the desired place and press Ctrl+V to paste it.

On Mac PC

You can insert an arrow symbol using Character Viewer on your Mac PC. Here is the procedure.

(1). Hover to click on Edit in the menu bar on any program. For instance, TextEdit.

(2). Select Emoji & Symbols option from the drop-down.

Tap on Emojis and Symbols
Tap on Emojis and Symbols

(3). Click on Arrows in the left pane to see hundreds of arrow symbols.

Click Arrow-Arrow Keyboard Symbol
Click Arrow

(4). Double-click any arrow and go to the desired location to paste it.

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That’s all. You can follow the guidelines as mentioned above on the respective device to use arrow keyboard symbol.

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