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How to Create Avatar and Set As Profile Picture on Whatsapp

Enhance the conversation on WhatsApp by sending Avatars.

The latest version of WhatsApp lets you enjoy sending & receiving 3D avatars in the conversation. You can create an avatar resembling yourself and set it as a WhatsApp profile picture. It is available for both Android and iPhone users. The feature is currently not rolled out for WhatsApp Web and desktop versions. Update your WhatsApp on your smartphone to the latest version to get this feature.

How to Create Avatar on Whatsapp

1. Open Whatsapp on your device.

2. Click on the three-dotted icon at the top-right corner of the screen (On iPhone – tap the Settings option at the bottom right corner).

Click on the Settings option to Create Avatar on Whatsapp.

3. From the menu, click on the Settings option.

4. Select Avatar and click on Create Your Avatar.

Select Avatar to Create Avatar on Whatsapp.

5. Click on Get Started.

Click on Get Started to Create Avatar on Whatsapp.

6. At the first stage, choose the color tone for your avatar.

7. Now, select the hairstyle that suits your male or female avatar.

Select the hairstyle and Create Avatar on Whatsapp.

8. Move to Outfit and choose your favorite suit.

Choose your favorite suit.

9. Next, choose the type of body you want.

Choose the type of body you want to Create Avatar on Whatsapp.

10. After that, pick up the eye shape and color that you like.

Pick up the eye shape and color that you like.

11. Once done, finish the eye makeup and choose the eyebrow shape & color that you prefer.

Choose the eyebrow shape & color to Create Avatar on Whatsapp.

12. If you chose a female avatar, pick up your favorite bindi. If not, skip this step.

Pick up your favorite bindi.

13. Next, choose the nose shape and add nose piercings if you want.

14. After that, add your favorite lip shape and color. If it matches your skin color, it will be more realistic.

Choose your favorite lip color.

15. Change the face shape and jawline, add extra face marks, and add facial lines if you want.

Change the face shape and jawline.

16. If you are creating a male avatar, add some facial hairs. if not, skip this step.

17. If you like ear piercings, headwear, and eyewear, you can add that to your avatar too.

Add ear piercings.

18. Once you have done creating your avatar, click on Done and hit Save Changes to confirm the process.

Click on Done and hit Save Changes to Create Avatar on Whatsapp.

20. If you want to edit more, click on Keep Editing or click on Next to complete the process.

How to Set Your Avatar as WhatsApp Profile Picture

1. Launch WhatsApp and open the Avatar page.

2. Click on Create Profile Photo and edit your avatar according to your convenience.

Edit your avatar profile photo on Whatsapp.

3. Once done, save the changes and your WhatsApp profile picture will be updated automatically.

How to Send Avatars on WhatsApp Conversations

1. Open a conversation on WhatsApp.

2. Click on the Emoji icon.

3. You can see the avatar icon blinking.

Click on the avatar icon.

4. Click on that and send your favorite avatar.

How to Delete an Avatar on Whatsapp

1. Click on the three-dotted option and click on Settings from the menu.

2. Select Avatar from the Whatsapp settings page.

3. Click on Delete Avatar.

Click on Delete Avatar.

4. Confirm the process by clicking on Delete again.

Click on Delete again to confirm the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new updates released on Whatsapp in 2022?

Along with Avatar, Whatsapp has also released new features like messaging yourself, creating polls, and more.

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