AVG VPN Review: Things To Know Before you Buy

If you aren't sure of choosing AVG VPN, then our review will help you decide it.

It is better to choose a VPN to route the internet connection over the chosen VPN server. Unlike the Internet Service Provider, Virtual Private Network will encrypt your internet traffic. So, all you get is an encrypted internet connection with complete online privacy. AVG is one such VPN service provider. Never let hackers or third-parties track your online activities anymore with AVG VPN. The AVG VPN is available for almost all the platforms and devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, etc. We have come up with this section in order to let you take advantage of the internet to the fullest using AVG Secure VPN. You will get to know more in detail about the AVG VPN along with its features, pricing, pros & cons, and more.

AVG VPN Overview

AVG Secure VPN is a service offered by AVG, the most popular antivirus brand. It is a simple-to-use yet powerful VPN that works with a click of a button. With AVG Secure VPN, your online identity and personal information are safe and protected whenever you connect your device to the internet. It supports browsing the web privately from any place. Experience complete anonymity as your IP address and location will be hidden. Its encrypted connection will keep your online activity encrypted and private from hackers, government, and ISP.

Users can join a secured connection with one click of a button on any device. This has military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and no one can track your online activity. Using the proxy VPN, you can connect to an optimal location to surf the web faster reliably. AVG Secure VPN will let you unblock the geo-restrictions and thereby on apps, websites, and contents. It will give you the best of online privacy on your desktop as well as smartphones.

General Specification

JurisdictionCzech Republic
Simultaneous ConnectionsYes
Log PolicyIntrusive Logging
Live ChatNo
Allows TorrentingYes
Encryption ProtocolAES (256-bit)
Free Trail7 days
Refund Policy30 day Money Back Guarantee
Multi-Platform SupportYes

AVG VPN Device Compatibility

Just like its anti-virus, AVG Secure VPN is designed to work on multi-platforms. It is accessible from the most popular desktop as well as smartphone platforms. The device compatibility includes

  • Windows PC
  • Mac PC
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad

AVG VPN Plans & Pricing

AVG Secure VPN has different plans at different prices. It provides 30-day money-back guarantee and anyone can start the 7 days free trial. Opt for any of the following plans to access this VPN after the free trial.

DevicesOne Year PlanTwo Year PlanThree Year Plan
AVG VPN Pricing
AVG VPN Pricing

Logging Policy

AVG VPN is based in the Czech Republic which operates under EU privacy laws. It is a dedicated VPN service to feature a dedicated logging policy. In other words, it has a straightforward and intrusive logging policy. It collects information about your username, IP address, IP address of the VPN server you use, timestamp, amount of data transmitted, etc. However, Secure VPN ensures it doesn’t monitor your full originating IP address, DNS queries, activity logs of apps, services, and websites. AVG stores the data it collects from its users for about 30 days.

Installation, Set up & Ease of Use

AVG VPN has dedicated apps for all the platforms. Thus downloading as well as the installation process is simple. Get guided with the setup process when needed from its FAQ section. When it comes to the user-interface, Secure VPN has specific tabs for the servers optimized for streaming as well as torrenting. Users can even use the Optimal Location to connect to the fastest server near the physical location of the device.

Server Locations

With AVG VPN, you will get access to a limited number of servers. There is no mention of the locations from where you can access this VPN in its official website. So, you cannot find out its server location unless you get its subscription. But, once you get AVG VPN, you will be able to find out the server locations. Currently, it has servers in 55 cities while the most popular countries includes US, UK, Australia, Canada, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc. Despite this, you will be able to choose between city level serves in all these locations. It you want a VPN with greater number of server support, then this VPN wouldn’t work great for you.

AVG VPN Server Locations
AVG VPN Server Locations


You could definitely expect a moderately speed VPN service with AVG VPN. It works at the fastest rate as long as your device stays near the VPN server. So, you will get the fastest streaming while browsing and streaming. We identified the speed results to drop off when connected to the servers in long distances. The speed test we performed shows the following data when connected to different servers.

UK Server

  • Download: 66.01 Mbps
  • Upload: 39.45 Mbps
  • Ping: 49 ms

US Server

  • Download: 42.58 Mbps
  • Upload: 5.89 Mbps
  • Ping: 112 ms


  • Download: 27 Mbps
  • Upload: 5 Mbps
  • Ping: 288 ms

Torrenting and P2P Connections

AVG Secure VPN has limited support for torrenting and Peer-2-Peer connection. It lacks port forwarding and so you cannot expect torrent downloading on all its servers. It is obvious that any user will find it hard to torrent in peak hours. This may also bring in potential issues and thus end up at lower speed and fewer stability issues. It supports eight locations for P2P connection that includes

  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Miami, USA
  • Seattle, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Frankfurt, Germany
P2P Server Location
P2P Server Location

IP and DNS Leaks

The users of AVG VPN will never have to deal with IP and DNS leaks. This VPN seems to provide better network security, private connection, encryption, and more. It hadn’t brought in any issues upon conducting DNS and IP leakproof test. AVG VPN is reliable and hides the IP address from the ISP efficiently. It will keep your location anonymous at home or on a public WiFi.

Netflix and Streaming

Whether you want to stream BBC iPlayer or Netflix, AVG VPN effortlessly connects your device. It unlocks the geo-restrictions with those servers that are optimized for streaming those services. On the test, we have unblocked Netflix on US servers and in Japan. However, most servers failed to unblock the geo-restrictions across Asia and Europe.

Streaming Location
Streaming Location


This VPN protects your data on public WiFi with AES 256-bit encryption. It uses protocols like AVG VPN including IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, and OpenVPN (TCP/UDP). However, it lacks advanced security features like split tunneling, multi-hop, etc. Also, it isn’t compatible with TOR and router.

Customer Support

Although AVG VPN seems to be from the renowned antivirus firm, it still lacks the best customer support. Currently, it provides email support via an online form and has no live chat support. So, those facing issues with the VPN need to wait for the response from the support team. You can better look at the FAQs for those basic issues, setup, troubleshooting tips, etc.


  • Ease-to-use VPN
  • VPN Kill Switch
  • IP, DNS, and WebRTC leakproof
  • Optimized servers supports P2P torrenting
  • Virus and malware-free


  • Collects logging data
  • Limited number of servers
  • Lacks port forwarding
  • Cannot be installed using the router
  • It has no configurable options
  • Has only two tunneling protocols
  • Costliest subscription plans

Our Opinion

Among a large number of VPN services, AVG VPN is recognizable. It is neither worst nor the best and falls somewhere in between. It is a good choice upon considering installation, encryption, and security. AVG Secure VPN still lacks behind when it comes to advanced features like logging policy, port forwarding, and more. I hope this article helped you to come to a conclusion on whether or not AVG VPN works for your online privacy needs.

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