Best Bible Apps for iPhone to Install in 2022

Are you interested in studying Holy Bible? Try out these apps on your iPhone.

There are billions of people using bible applications to include God’s word as a part of their lives. This is because so many Bible apps are available for Android and iPhone. Here, we have put together a list of the top 7 iPhone apps, which comes with several advantages for your requirement.

Best Bible Apps for iPhone

From the list, you can choose the app based on your requirement. If you don’t mind viewing a few ads, there are so many iPhone Bible apps available for free of cost. For example, many Bible apps provide KJV [King James Version] for free. With in-app purchases, some apps offer NIV [New International Version]. Offline support is a must-have feature to improve our reading in areas without an internet connection.

  1. Blue Letter Bible
  2. Faithlife Study Bible
  3. Bible
  4. Bible Study With Accordance
  5. NIV Bible
  6. Bible by Olive Tree
  7. Logos

Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible provides a classic bible along with the audio commentary. It has some amazing tools which help us with our scriptures study. These tools include a verse tap menu, advanced search, and highlights. More than one million+ users are using this app daily. It supports multiple languages, and more than 30 bible versions are available.

blue letter bible best bible apps for iPhone

Website Link:

Age rating: 4+

Size: 83.68 MB

Faithlife Study Bible

It is one of the most popular bible applications. To enrich your bible study, it contains visually stunning graphics. The app contains a clear and modern translation of the bible. This app was published in 2016.

faithlife study bible best bible apps for iPhone

Website Link:

Age rating: 4+

Size: 200.63MB


With this bible app, you can customize your reading experience by adding images or themes to the verses you need. It is available in 40+ languages and also enables offline bible reading. Audio files are also available for selected versions. You can also highlight your favorite verses.

holy bible

Website Link:

Age rating: Teen

Size: 13.63MB

Accordance Bible Software

It is one of the best iPhone apps to study the bible. It contains amazing tools like explorer and searcher. Explorer will tell us about a particular word. Meanwhile, searcher enables us to search any word through the holy bible.

bible study with accordance

Website link:

Age rating: 4+

Size: 169.22MB

NIV Bible

NIV Bible contains the international version of the bible. There are many tools available in this app to highlight, create notes, quotes, and many other tools to enhance our scripture reading. The app is easy to use and also available for offline reading. You can also copy-paste texts directly to the notes. Easily available to share on social media.

NIV bible best bible apps for iPhone

Website link:

Age rating: 4+

Size: 78.03 MB

Bible by Olive Tree

The Bible App by Olive Tree is one of the best ways to get the words of God. You can download it for absolutely free, and luckily offline usage is also available in the app. You can highlight, save passages and take notes which can be synced to all devices. It also enables you to track the process of Bible reading. The latest update of this app also provides NKJV, NIV, KJV, and ESV.

bible by olive tree best bible apps for iPhone

Website link:

Age rating: Everyone

Size: 81.79 MB

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Logos is one of the best freely available bible apps for iPhone and Android. This free bible app enables users to browse churches by name, denomination, and location. Free audio library available for multiple sources. You can also make notes and highlight text within the app.


Website link:

Age rating: 4+

Size: 188.90MB

We cannot carry a bible everywhere. So if we need to read the bible everywhere, just open one of these apps, and read it on the go. It is as simple as that. You only need an iPhone to get the words of God. Try these applications and share the best one in the comments section. You can also mention the Bible apps that we have missed on this list.

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