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Best Browser for Google TV to Surf Internet

Access the streaming sites on the Google TV using the best browser.

Browser is the medium to access the website, streaming sites, and also social media sites. The browsers can also be used on Google TV to search for streaming content. It can stream the contents from the streaming websites such as Netflix, YouTube, Sling TV, more. The browsers can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Otherwise, you can sideload the browser through the Downloader app on Google TV. The best browser must have a user-friendly interface and high-security protection for the user data from the online trackers. It also should have a private browsing and night mode for effective usage. In the below article, we will look into the best browser for Google TV.

Best Browsers for Google TV

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. TV Bro
  5. Puffin TV Browser
  6. Samsung Internet Browser
  7. TVWeb Browser for TV
  8. Kiwi Browser

Google Chrome

Google Chrome - best browser for Google TV

Google Chrome is the best browser for Google TV to have seamless surfing over the internet. It has Google Account sign-in to sync the devices with the account and the browser protects the user from insecure sites with a warning. The incognito mode in the browser is useful for private browsing. It provides instant suggestions for the search and it also supports voice search for hand-free browsing. The Chrome browser can translate the web pages to the desired language for easy understanding. It has a bookmark to note the important websites and the downloaded files can be accessed on the download section. Chrome also supports dark mode to change the background theme.



Mozilla Firefox browser offers the fastest browsing on the Google TV and it can turn into private browsing with a single click. The history of private browsing will not be stored anywhere. It has powerful tracking protection to eliminate online trackers from accessing the user data. The browser has a simple interface design for effective and easy usage. It has a dark mode for low light browsing and reduces eye strain. The Firefox browser can resume the webpages and streaming sites from where you left in case of power failure. It groups the tabs into one for organized browsing.


Opera browser

Opera is an excellent browser for Google TV with a free VPN. The VPN is inbuilt in the browser for secured browsing with complete protection to the IP address. It creates an ad blocker to prevent the ads on the website from trouble-free browsing. The browser has a private browsing mode to browse the sites without any history. It can save the login passwords for quick access to the sites. The download manager has the complete information of the downloaded files, photos, videos, and it can delete or remove the downloaded file in the app itself. It has night mode to adjust the lighting for easy usage. The feed has top news of the entertainment and sports channels.

TV Bro

TV Bro - best browser for Google TV

TV Bro is one of the best browsers for Google TV, and the search engine suits the Google TV interface. It can work well with the TV remote, and it has voice search support to enable hand-free surfing. The browser has a browsing history to look at past searches and recently visited the website. It can save the tabs and bookmark the website for frequent usage. The browser can switch the user easily, and it provides shortcuts for the websites to access them instantly.

Puffin TV Browser

Puffin Browser

Puffin TV Browser is an amazing browser with various support for video streaming. The browser has video playback support to change the speed. It has a user-friendly interface and the browser functions great on the Google TV. The browser opens any website at faster speed with high rendering speed. It can stream the videos of any streaming sites with high quality. The browser can handle multiple sites at a time and you can share the webpages to the browser from other devices.

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet Browser is the best browser for Google TV with Anti-tracking facility. The browser offers the most secured private browsing without any security breach. It has customizable layout and the user can change the font of the webpage as their wish. The Samsung browser scans the webpages and informs the user about the threats in the webpages. It has different kinds of Ad-blockers to get ad-free webpages for hassle-free surfing. The browser has custom menu to choose the necessary controls such as Downloads, History, Ad-blocker, Dark mode, Share, Refresh, and many more.

TVWeb Browser for TV

TVWeb Browser for TV

TVWeb Browser for TV is the web browser made for smart TVs and it has good performance on the Google TV. It has a simple interface for easy usage for anyone. The browser has history to keep track of browsing data. It has bookmark to add the important websites with category for instant access. The browser has switch user support to change the user account anytime without any delay. It can operate entertainment, news, games, media, sports website seamlessly. The browser can stream videos with zero latency.

Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser - best browser for Google TV

Kiwi Browser is the perfect browser for Google TV with the best page loading and rendering speed. It can block all types of ads and pop-ups on websites. The browser offers secure browsing with protection from online trackers. It has night mode to enable the browser for efficient usage. The browser can translate the website to a known language. It can share the created bookmarks on other devices. The Kiwi browser can manage the downloaded files and it can adjust the search bar to any place on the screen for comfortable surfing.

Hence, we have come across the best browser for Google TV. The browsers remove the need for installing the individual streaming apps on the Google TV where you can access all the sites on the browser itself. You have to look at all the important aspects in choosing the browser for your Google TV.

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