9 Best Mail App for Windows 10 in 2021

Managing all your email inboxes and coversations is made simpler and easier if you have any of these mail apps on Windows PC.

Emails are used almost everywhere for a varied variety of purposes. Managing one email account is often the easiest whereas the real problem comes when you have multiple email accounts. Managing all of them and their data together isn’t easy without the mail client. There are lots of email client software available and almost all of them compete to give the best features. But only a few mail app for Windows will work perfectly on Windows 10 PCs and in other Windows OS version. This article completely deals with the best Email client apps for Windows PCs.

As there are a large number of apps available. Nevertheless, we have sorted the best mail app for Windows here in this article. They are all carefully analysed on various factors like performance, speed, features price, etc. So, any of these are worth using email apps for Windows.

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Best Mail App for Windows 10

Our exclusive mail apps for Windows PC includes the following email clients.


Managing all your mails is a breeze with Mailbird email client. It has powerful and intuitive feature sets that works on Windows PC. You can use this tool to manage emails and contacts from different accounts easily. Mailbrid has a highly customizable layout and lets you choose from free colour themes. The users can connect through LinkedIn from within the inbox. It has built-in app integrations like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Dropbox, etc.

Mailbird email app for Windows 10

What’s more on Mailbrid?

  • Supports snoozing messages
  • Custom notification sound suggestions
  • Has a powerful attachment search feature
  • Dark and light theme support
  • Multi-language support
  • Use shortcuts to reply, archive, copy, and forward mails

eM Client

One of the best and fastest mail client for Windows PC is eM Client. It is a fully-featured email client to have lots of customization options. You can use this mail client to import and create PGP keys to thereby send encrypted or signed emails. eM Client provides a quick access to all the linked account. It even supports accessing the calendar, contacts, tasks, etc. The users can paste images into the emails easily as eM Client supports auto-resizing, rotating, flipping, etc.

eM Client for Windows 10
eM Client

What’s more on eM Client?

  • Modern and easy-to-use interface
  • Supports live backup while running
  • It can translate emails in 39 languages
  • Features auto-replies for Gmail
  • Has delayed send and encryption support
  • Lets you import calendar and contacts


Windows PC users can choose Thunderbird, an open-source free email client from Mozilla Firefox. It makes emails better for users as it ensures speed and privacy. The mail account set up wizard will check for the emails and bring it for you in one screen. Adding people to the address book is simple and can be done with one click. Thunderbird is integrated with apps like IRC, Twitter, XMPP, Google Chat, etc, and you can chat on real-time with your contacts.

Thunderbird eMail client app for Windows 10

What’s more on Thunderbird?

  • With tabbed emails, you can access multiple emails
  • Filter emails by name, message, tags, and more
  • Supports archiving the mails in the archive folder
  • Share large documents as a link on the attachments
  • Supports light and dark themes
  • Ensures privacy and phishing protection
  • Has lots of add-ons support


Microsoft’s Outlook is one of the best mail apps for Windows 10 PC. It lets you keep track of all your mail services under one roof. Outlook is a widely used mail client as it lets you work with emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more. It uses the autocomplete option for the email addresses. Using Outlook, you can easily share larger documents as a hyperlink. This email client supports almost all the email and thus you can connect, organize and get things done efficiently. It is available for both home and business needs.

Outlook Mail app for Windows 10

What’s more on Outlook?

  • You can share attachments from OneDrive
  • Supports scheduling emails
  • Protects confidential files and data
  • Intelligent reminders will remind you about bills
  • Has calendar and task integration support


If you want more than just email, then get Spike on Windows PC. It is a conversational email where you can chat, collaborate and manage calendar. Spike is a combination of mail and messaging features. It is a versatile mail client as it clears the clutter while transforming your email into your favourite instant messaging feature. Spike has all the features you want in the inbox like messaging, collaboration tools, calendars, etc.

Spike Mail app for Windows

What’s more on Spike?

  • Shows real-time typing response
  • Supports voice and video call
  • You can preview files without downloading it
  • Get important mails on priority inbox
  • Includes advanced search option


Give the best of email to your team with Front email client app. It is all about collaboration and keeps all your team members work together. The inbox you create using Front app are private by default and you can invite particular team members to specific inboxes. With the chat feature, you can actively communicate with all your teammates.

Front Mail app for Windows

What’s more on Front?

  • You can take control of your inbox effortlessly
  • Gives accurate responses and informed decisions
  • Has native integration with about 40+ apps
  • Communicate in a customized way


One of the never miss mail app for Windows 10 PC is Postbox. It keeps all your email accounts in one place in an organized manner. Postbox is fully featured and works almost on any POP or IMAP account. Using the Favourites bar, you can access go-to folders easily. Postbox will organize inboxes, messages, folders in tabs and you can switch between them easily.

Postbox Mail app for Windows 10

What’s more on Postbox?

  • It has a beautiful user-interface
  • Lets you keep your work and personal accounts separately
  • Has lightning-fast search option
  • You can create advanced queries
  • Choose from 24 beautiful themes
  • Ensures your privacy and security from phishing or malware

Claws Mail

You can get Claws Mail for Windows PC if you want to deal with multiple email accounts. It is based on GTK+ and is one of the fastest email client for a long time. Although it’s interface seems to look classic, it has all the advanced features. Claws Mail provides intuitive operation with easy configuration. The user can make use of this email client for its robustness and stability. It has lots of added features like calendar, LED handling, RSS aggregation, and more.

Claws Mail app for Windows 10
Claws Mail

What’s more on Claws Mail?

  • Its interface is lightweight and user-friendly
  • The commands can be accessed using the keyboard
  • Works even on the older Windows PCs
  • Supports importing emails from other email clients


Those who are focused on the business can use Hiri, a popular and best mail client app for Windows. It can be used as an alternative to MS Outlook for a number of reasons. For instance, Hiri is all about cluttered inbox and your emails will be organized completely. You can focus on your work as Hiri will check for the new emails every now and then. With remainders, you can keep track of emails. Just drag the important ones and drop it into the task list to set due dates and reminders.

Hiri Mail app for Windows 10

What’s more on Hiri?

  • Supports sending actionable emails to your team
  • You can ping teams for status updates about specific emails
  • It lets you prioritize and manage tasks
  • Use smart dashboard to see the unread messages

Our Two Cents

Almost all of the mail apps listed for Windows platform are highly stable, easy-to-use and provide third-party integrations. You can choose from any of the best mail client apps for Windows 10 from the list and thereby manage emails easily.

Is there any other best mail app for Windows 10 available? Then share it in the comments. Visit us on Twitter and Facebook page for the latest updates.

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