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Best Music App for Apple Watch in 2021

Listen to your favorite songs by downloading the best music app on your Apple Watch.

Music is the medicine and piece of art which plays a vital role in everyone’s life. Luckily, in this modern world, we have blessed with several music apps. In this post, we have listed the best music app for Apple Watch users. Do read out the article fully to find the best app for you.

List of Best Music App for Apple Watch

The best music apps for the Apple Watch are listed below.

  • Apple Music
  • Deezer
  • Overcast
  • Pandora
  • Spotify
  • Napster
  • TuneIn Radio
  • SoundHound
  • Shazam: Music Discovery
  • Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

If you’re an new Apple Watch user, here is the dedicated guide to install apps on Apple Watch.

Apple Music

For those who love music, then the Apple music app is one of the best music apps to try on the Apple Watch and other Apple devices. The Apple Music app has the biggest music library with more than 70 million songs. You can access the unlimited millions of songs without any ads. You can listen to the live radio hosted by your favorite artists. You can create your own playlist by adding your favorite songs. The app allows you to download the song, which you can listen to in offline mode.

Apple Music on Apple Watch

In the Apple Music app, one can even share their playlist with their friends. You can sing along with the song as the app displays the song lyrics. Those who downloaded the Apple Music app for the first time will get three months free trial to enjoy the service. In the free month, you can access all the available features on the Apple Music app.

Note – It is an built-in music app on Apple Watch and other Apple products.


More than 56 million songs, tracks, playlists, and podcasts are available on the Deezer music app. The app comes with an ever-expanding catalog where you can find and play music like RNB, Pop, Rap, Latin music, and rock. You can even customize your playlist by adding your favorite songs and music. Even the app provides you the option of sharing your playlist or favorites to social media.

Deezer Music App for Apple Watch

Using the shuffle mode, you can easily find the new track. You will get song lyrics and enjoy singing along with the song. The Deezer offers you free radio stations like CNN, Fox News, BBC radio, and even podcasts in English. Your favorite songs can be downloaded for offline access, which is one of the best advantages.


The Overcast app is the leading and award-winning podcast used by a large number of users. The app’s main attractive features are voice boost, smart speeds, customize a playlist, and much more. You can download the podcast and listen to them anywhere, even offline. You get all the podcasts with the same volume and with broadcast quality.

Overcast for Apple Watch

Using the smart filter, you can customize your playlist and even rearrange them according to your wish. The app will notify you whenever the new episodes arrive, and that’s too optional. The sleeper time option will automatically stop playing the songs based on the time interval you set. You can listen to the podcast and your favorites without any ads and with full privacy.


In the list of the best music streaming apps, the Pandora app is the next one. The Pandora on Apple Watch gives you a personalized experience by their hand-picked collection. You can easily search your favorite songs, genres, podcast, and albums in the Pandora app. This is one of the user-friendly apps where you can easily find your favorites. You can create your own play stations by adding the songs and albums.


The app offers high-quality songs with unlimited skips and replays. Like Apple Music, Pandora lets you download your favorite songs and podcast and listen to them anywhere. You can enjoy listening to the songs with the ad-free option. The best advantage is you can listen to up to 4 stations during offline mode.


In recent times, Spotify is one of the top listed apps used by more than 220 million people. The Spotify app comes with 50+ million songs and 4+ billion playlists which is the main reason for its huge success. You can listen to your favorite songs, artists, albums, and podcasts like educational, games, lifestyle, and much more.

Spotify Music app for Apple Watch

With Spotify on Apple Watch, you can create your own playlist by adding your favorite songs, and it can be shared with your friends. You get huge collections of music at your fingertips where you can access it anytime and anywhere. It is a great app to filter the song based on your mood, genre, and activity. The app even can play on mobile, desktops, tablets, TV, play stations, and speakers.


Napster is a music store that contains more than 60 million songs. As of now, Napster has 3 million active users. You can enjoy listening to unlimited albums and songs on your Apple Watch, smartphones, or Tablets. You can even download the songs and listen to them offline.

Napster Music App for Apple Watch

You can build your own playlist according to your taste and preference. To make it extra attractive, you can use the GIF or your own image to given them a personal touch. The Napster app allows you to search for new music from people who are much similar to your taste.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is an all-in-one app where you can get music, podcast, AM & FM, and much more. It is one of the most extensive library apps, containing unlimited on-demand files, original audio, and live radio. The app gives you endless music with hand-picked and unique collections. You don’t need to select the next song as the app will play the songs according to your taste.

TuneIn Radio - Music App for Apple Watch

In the TuneIn Radio app, you can listen to the world’s best AM & FM radios like Magic UK radio, Virgin radio, Capital UK, Heart UK, and much more. On the other hand, you can access the best sports AM & FM like talkSPORT, talkRADIO, talkSPORT 3, etc. Even you can search for your favorite podcast easily in the TuneIn Radio app.


If you are looking for a user-friendly music app for Apple Watch, SoundHound is the best choice. It will make it simpler by discovering the music that plays around you. To know or identify the song, you can click on the orange button. It will exactly tell you the song that is playing. Soundhound can even recognize your voice comment. To start the voice instruction, you need to say, “Hey, Soundhound.”

SoundHound Music App for Apple Watch

The app comes with great features where you can sing or hum the song, and the app will show the song you are looking for. It will show you the song lyrics along with the song. You can save the playlist and song lyrics on your personal history page. Even you can connect it with the Spotify app by transferring your discovered songs. To do so, you must need Spotify and Soundhound account subscription.

Shazam: Music Discovery

Shazam is the smart and quickest app that will easily find any songs in a fraction of seconds. You can enjoy listening to unlimited songs, albums, artists, and much more. As of now, nearly 1 billion people are using the Shazam app. You can easily add your favorite and most liked songs from Apple Music and Spotify.

Shazam Music App for Apple Watch

You can use the pop-up Shazam to identify the music from other social media. The apps come with the advanced feature of built-in dark mode, lyrics, offline streaming, and more.

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Musixmatch app is the world’s best app in the collection of song lyrics. You can listen to unlimited songs and lyrics even from other streaming services like YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and much more. You can even share your favorite song lyrics along with the attractive Lyricscard feature background. The app will send you a notification when new lyrics are available.

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder - Music App for Apple Watch

You can watch the YouTube video in full screen or landscape mode added with the floating lyrics features. Even when your watch is on the lock screen, you can still play, pause and skip the music. Also, you can easily find or fetch the info about the songs in seconds.

The above-listed music apps are the best and suitable ones for music lovers who love to listen to their favorite songs on their Apple Watch. You can download and use the app which suits your taste and preference. Mention your favorite one in the comments section.

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