Best Music Making Apps for PC [Windows/Mac]

Compose, edit, mix the music tracks on the PC with Music Making Apps.

Music making apps or software plays a major role in music creation/ production. The apps are useful in composing, live recording, mixing tracks, editing tracks. It offers various sounds, effects, plug-ins, instruments to incorporate for the music track creation. The interface must be simple and effective to use for any type of project. It is able to import and export the soundtracks in any format and must be compatible on all the PC. The music making apps are available for free and purchase with the difference of advanced tools. In the below article, let’s look into the best Music Making apps for PC.

Best Music Making Apps for PC

  1. Audacity
  2. GarageBand
  3. Cakewalk
  4. Waveform
  5. DarkWave Studio
  6. LMMS
  7. Ableton Live
  8. Ardour
  9. FL Studio
  10. PreSonus Studio


Audacity - Best Music Making Apps for PC

Audacity is one of the best music making apps for PC and it is available for free download on Windows, Mac, Linux from the official website. The software supports multiple plugins for music editing and it has high-quality sound for clear audio. It can import and export music files in the desired formats within any source. The recording for the audio file can be recorded live on the PC using a microphone. It has a user-friendly interface to utilize the app easily with quick keyboard shortcuts. The effects in the app can enhance the music with LADSPA, LV2, VST, and the editing works like cut, copy, paste with a single click. You can also use the spectrum window to get to know about the audio file with a clear understanding.


GarageBand- Best Music Making Apps for PC

GarageBand is Apple’s music-making app accessible only on Mac PC. You can get the app on the Mac App Store. It has a virtual music space for drummers, percussionists to create a real-time experience. The sound library of the GarageBand offers new sounds, loops, instruments to improvise the music. It has a basic interface with a smart customization option for easy handling. The controls of each feature made simple for quick control and the iCloud connection is helpful in storing the app content for instant accessing any time. It allows a maximum of 255 tracks in a song and the Groove track arranges the rhythm of the tracks. The app can connect with the Bass Amp Designer and pedalboard to create the amp, stompbox effects.


Cakewalk - Best Music Making Apps for PC

Cakewalk is an excellent music-making app with exciting features and supports. It is created by BandLab, and it is free to download on the Windows PC from the website. The app provides songwriting tools and instruments to create your own songs easily. It has a quick sharing option to upload the created songs on YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, SoundCloud. It is a pioneer in audio mixing technology with a wide range of mixing tools, special sounds. The audio library has unlimited MIDI tracks, and it can record the live sounds in top quality. It has all the music editing tools for arrangements, pitching, timing, trimming the music tracks, and also offer Audio Random Access. The VST3 SONAR support brings the perfect plug-ins for the songs.



Waveform is one of the best music composing apps for the PC in terms of interface and various plug-ins. It can be downloaded on Windows, Mac, Linux on the Tracktion official site. The app can handle multiple musical instruments at a time and makes music production easier. It provides access to a huge number of tracks and plug-ins to create the best music track. The interface is much user-friendly to have smooth editing, mixing experience. It offers sufficient editing tools to suit EDM, Rock, Light Music. The Waveform is available in two versions free and Pro with additional plug-ins, customizable layouts. It also has training videos and manuals to help beginners with hassle-free operations.

DarkWave Studio

DarkWave Studio - Best Music Making Apps for PC

DarkWave Studio is an amazing free digital audio workstation available only for Windows. It has Direct Sound Input and Output support to get delay-free audio. The app offers VST Plug-in to use all kinds of musical instruments, and it introduces a pattern editor to edit the music track in patches. The sequence editor helps in arranging the music tracks in the desired order, and the online help or tutorial system will guide in knowing more about the app. It has bundled plug-ins for control change Mapper, MIDI input, output, BassHead, Scope, SpatialVerb, Stomp, Downstepper, StereoSplitter, StereoJoiner, and much more.

Techowns TipBest Music Player for Windows


LMMS - Best Music Making Apps for PC

LMMS refers to Linux MultiMedia Studio, and it is the perfect music-producing app with wonderful features. The app has a MIDI keyboard for the quick creation of the program. It offers VST Instrument support with 16 synthesizers to modify the tracks. The effects in the app include LADSPA, VST, limiter, delay, reverb, Graphic and parametric equalizer, distortion, bass enhancer. It can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux PC. The music tracks can be shared in SoundCloud and other mediums in the app itself. It has an all-in-one interface to compose, edit, and mix the music tracks with a handful of plug-ins in the dashboard. The MIDI files can be imported into the app, and you can get the app on your PC for free on the LMMS official site.

Ableton Live

Ableton Live

Ableton Live is one of the best music making apps for PC with a stylish design and a compatible interface. The app has plenty of effects such as Spectral Time, Pitchloop, Hybrid Reverb, Resonator. It can create, edit, mix the music tracks on a single screen with sufficient tools. The instruments are Wavetable, Simpler, Analog, operator, and it works well for MIDI tracks. You can record the live sounds for the music tracks without any glitch, and you can install the app on the Windows Mac PC from the website. The Mapping option lets the user get instant output, and the smart keyboard helps in songwriting.



Ardour is the best music making app for sound engineers and musicians for their creative work. It has the facility to create as many channels on the interface for music composing. The app offers instant recording of the sound without any setup procedures. It provides all the necessary editing tools to make the required changes for the music tracks and the mixing channels on a single-window helps in easy mixing of the music tracks with overlapping. The library in the app has all the instruments, sounds to add to the songs, and the plug-ins in the app are Waves, iZotope, VST, LV2, Stillwell, PSP. It can import as well as export the audio files in any format. The automation option of the app is handy in creating multiple tracks and reduce the time involved in the process. You can get the app on the official website.

FL Studio

FL Studio

FL Studio is excellent music composing app available for both Windows and Mac PC. It has an intuitive interface with simple operation and makes it easier for beginners. The app has various plug-ins, including synths, effects, and tools. It offers microphone support and MIDI keyboards for the live recording of the music tracks. The edit tools on the app are pitch correction, copy-paste, time-shifting, correction, overlapping, and many more. You can download the FL Studio app from the website by choosing the required PC model. It can export the music tracks in the WAV, FLAC, MIDI, MP3 formats. The music mixing in the app is accurate to the high standards supported by the automation features.

PreSonus Studio

PreSonus Studio

PreSonus Studio is the most popular music creation app in the terms of performance and reliability. It is available for purchase on the official site and download on the PC. The Studio offers its own studio native effects and the other plug-ins can be added to the app. It has a user-friendly interface with a drag and drop function to link the tracks. The editing mode of the app is efficient in the quick processing of VST and MIDI tracks. It has spectrum analysis, oscilloscope, and expandable level meter to view the music track segments for clear understanding.

Thus, the best music making apps for PC is analyzed with the basic features. It is a must for every budding music composer to learn and try out new music tracks with adequate tools. You can select the best music making apps for your PC by considering the important aspects along with the requirements.

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