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11 Best News Apps For Apple TV in 2022

Best apps on Apple TV to get the latest happenings around the world within minutes on to your TV.

Apple TV is a streaming device where you can download many apps in different categories. Among them, news applications are essential to know the latest happenings in all categories politics, entertainment, technology, science, sports, finance, business, and more. Since there are so many news apps on the App Store of Apple TV, you have to choose the best ones. To make your job easier, we have curated a list of the top 11 best news channels you can install to stay updated with the latest events.

Best News Apps For Apple TV

Below is the list of free and paid best news channel apps for Apple TV.

CNNFreehttps://cnn.com4.8 out of 5
NBC NewsFreehttps://www.nbc.com4.8 out of 5
Washington PostFree + Paidhttps://www.washingtonpost.com4.8 out of 5
Sky NewsFree out of 5
BloombergFree + Paid out of 5
Fox NewsFree out of 5
ABC NewsFree out of 5
Al Jazeera EnglishFree out of 5
NewsONFree out of 5
iPlay NewsPaid3.4 out of 5
Speech CentralPaid out of 5

CNN: Breaking US & World News

CNN, also known as Cable News Network, is the most popular free News channel in the US, and it was launched in 1980 after four years of development. It telecasts the US and global news for 24 hours in HD quality. It also streams CNN Originals which includes exclusive programs like Anderson Cooper 360, Anthony Bourdain, etc. You can watch CNN on Apple TV by signing in with the participating TV provider.

CNN -Best News Apps For Apple TV

NBC News: Breaking & US News

NBC News is an all-in-one news channel app by NBC Universal. This news channel readers are the most popular in the Television industry and have access to MSNBC, where you can listen to live audio. In NBC News, the shows are categorized into separate lists like politics, national news, international news, etc., making it easier for its users to navigate. With NBC News on Apple TV, you can get real-time notifications related to the latest events around the world.

NBC NEWS - Best News Apps For Apple TV

Washington Post

Washington Post is next on our list of best Apple TV news channel apps. By downloading this app, you can stay updated with the latest news. It has a built-in reader that can read the articles with a natural-sounding on your TV. It is one of America‚Äôs top news companies running successfully since 1853 for nearly 140+ years. The app is free to download, and you read a certain number of stories for free revert month. However, you need to pay $9.99 monthly to get the digital subscription.

WASHINGTON POST - Best News Apps For Apple TV

Sky News: Live and On-Demand

Sky News is a live TV news app from UK developers. It was launched in 1989, nearly 130 years ago, and is also on the top news channels. It’s free to stream and provides news content as soon as possible. The news channel runs live 24×7 with anchors, which might be the only channel to do live casting 24×7. It is available only for Apple TV users and cannot be found on the normal Apple app store.

Sky news - Best News Apps For Apple TV

Bloomberg: Business News

Bloomberg is for business lovers as it is one of the world’s best business news websites. The news covers all the business topics such as Technology, Industries, Finance, etc. They also frequently conduct interviews with Global tech heroes like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, etc., and it will be telecasted on their channel. The interview topics may be related to their growth, life moments, etc. Most of the features are locked for free users, but if you’re a new user, you can activate a 90-day free trial to unlock all features and enjoy Bloomberg without any limitations. After the free trial, you need to pay $34.99/month or $329.99/year.

BLOOMBERG NEWS - Best News Apps For Apple TV

Fox News: Live Breaking News

Fox News is a popular news app all around the world. Apart from the news section, it also has radio streaming and on-demand content without extra subscription costs. The home screen of Fox News on Apple TV displays news content specially customized based on customer usage. You can turn on notifications about breaking news, trending, and all other categories you wish. Pair with your Apple Watch and get notifications directly on your wrist anytime. You need a participating TV provider subscription to stream the Fox News app on your TV.

FOX NEWS - Best News Apps For Apple TV

ABC News

ABC News is one of our top picks for the best news channels for Apple TV. It is the best for news channel lovers and has more entertaining & daily shows like World News America, Nightline, etc., which are being streamed daily. Also, check out ABC Radio, news clips, and much more. You can easily personalize the alerts and read the news as an article on any of your devices.

ABC NEWS - Best News Apps For Apple TV

Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English provides all the news related to the Gulf countries, and its main language is Arabic. To make it understand global customers, they launched a special channel that runs with English readers. It is also available as a free News channel app on Apple TV. You can stream it in Full HD, and the quality of the stream is automatically adjusted depending on the user’s internet speed.

AL JAZEERA - Best News Apps For Apple TV


NewsON is one of the trusted apps on Apple TV to watch live news from all the local news stations in the US. You don’t need cable or a monthly subscription to stream this app. The application is free, and you can also watch the old newscasts of the last two days.

Best News Apps For Apple TV

iPlay News

iPlay News is an IPTV app that streams all the popular news channels on their app for 100% free. The channel list includes BBC World, CNN, CBC News, Fox News, Euro News, etc. It also has news documentaries such as sports, animals, birds, sports, cars, technology, etc. It is made only for Apple TV users and is not available on any other platform. The service is free for a lifetime, but you must pay a few dollars ($2.99) to install the app on your device.

iPlay news IPTV - Best News Apps For Apple TV

Speech Central: News Reader

As its name denotes, Speech Central is a News Reader app browser that can read any news from the internet on your Apple TV. You can browse for websites with a headlines page or an RSS feed, as the reader can automatically schedule to read the next article after the current one is finished. It’s a paid app that costs $2.99 to install from the app store. It is the best app for people who want to read articles and news while doing other work like reading, cooking, etc.

Speech central - Best News Apps For Apple TV

Which is the Best One?

Based on our expert reviews, CNN, NBC News, and Sky News are the best news channels to install on Apple TV. They will offer 24/7 coverage to stay updated with the latest news worldwide. You can also try the other ones since they are free to install on your device.

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