10 Best Screensavers for Windows 10 in 2022

Alter the look and feel of your Windows 10 PC screen with a unique and eye catchy screensaver.

Like any other device, Windows 10 PC also need screensavers. They were traditionally invented to prevent the screen burn on the CRT monitors. Also, the screensavers are developed to conserve energy when the PC isn’t in use. Later on, with the invention of low-energy LCDs and IPS panels, the purpose of screensavers vanished. Despite this, they are used on modern-day devices like Windows PCs and on many other devices, including smartphones. They transform the entire look of your screen, which is preferred by lots of users. The article is all about the best screensavers for Windows 10 PC.

Though Windows 11 is the latest release for Windows PCs, many are using the Windows 10 OS. Some common Windows 10 features like Named tabs in Taskbar, Drag & Drop files, and Math Input Panel are not available in Windows 11. So, a lot of users are sticking to Windows 10. Even, some users are trying to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10. Let’s make your Windows 10 PC more stylish with these screensavers.

Best Screensavers for Windows 10

  • Blue Screen of Death
  • Electric Sheep
  • Fliqlo
  • IMAX Hubble 3D
  • Wikipedia
  • Plane9
  • Apple TV Aerial Views
  • Vehicle
  • Zz DVD
  • Another Matrix Screensaver
  • Living Marine Aquarium 2
  • System 47
  • Briblo
  • Dog Licking Screen
  • Lost Watch 2 – NVIDIA Edition

Blue Screen of Death

The Blue Screen of Death is one of the vintage issues in Windows 10 PCs. Due to its popularity, there is a screensaver named after it. In the screensaver, you will get a warning screen similar to Blue Screen of Death. The funny side of the screensaver is that you can fool anyone and make a prank out of it. The Blue Screen of Death screensaver changes to a different screen every 15 seconds.

Blue Screen of Death Screensaver

Electric Sheep

One of the completely customizable screensavers on Windows PC includes Electric Sheep. It is a collaborative art project and has an endless collection of beautiful images. When your PC is asleep, it will communicate with other PCs in the Electric Sheep network. This, in turn, will create custom abstract animations called sheep. As a user, you can vote for your favorite sheep and those with more likes will reproduce and live longer. Electric Sheep for Windows 10 PC is Free.

Electric Sheep - Best Screensavers for Windows 10


Windows 10 PC users will get access to fully functional screensavers called Fliqlo. This screensaver will turn your device to look like a flip clock. It is a popular and well-designed screensaver that is simple to install. Fliqlo has lots of customization options. For instance, it lets you change the clock size between 12/24 hour toggle. This is a minimalistic screensaver that fits perfectly on an office PC. Fliqlo on Windows 10 PC is free.

Fliqlo - Best Screensavers for Windows 10

IMAX Hubble 3D

A movie inspiring IMAX Hubble 3D is also the best screensaver for Windows 10. You will get screensavers with different astronomical objects. It also has phenomenal photos that are accessed from the Hubble telescope. The photos made available on this Windows 10 screensaver are of high quality and are taken from the Hubble telescope directly. IMAX Hubble 3D for Windows 10 PC is Free.

IMAX Hubble 3D - Best Screensavers for Windows 10


If you are an avid reader of Wikipedia, this screensaver is the best for your Windows 10 PC. The Wikipedia screensaver for Windows 10 PC will load random Wiki pages every 30 seconds. If you want, you can customize the refresh time. With this screensaver, you can get to read random Wikipedia articles and make your break more productive.

Wikipedia screensaver


If you want more than one screensaver, then Plane9 is all you need on Windows 10. It is a 3D visualizer and has more than 250 predefined scenes. The users can use it to combine one with another to form a new view. So, you will get an endless collection of screensavers with Plane9. It supports a standalone window or as a screensaver. It is sound sensitive and will react to anything you listen to. Plane9 on Windows 10 PC is Free.

Plane9 - Best Screensavers for Windows 10

Apple TV Aerial Views

With Apple TV Aerial Views on Windows 10, you will get all the screensavers like a native Mac user. It will have an aerial view of different places. For instance, it shows aerial views of San Francisco, New York, Chine, and Hawaii, just like Mac on Windows. It updates automatically and you will get access to the latest screensavers. You will be able to view the screensavers based on the time. i.e., day or night. Apple TV Aerial Views for Windows 10 is Free.

Apple TV Aerial Views - Best Screensavers for Windows 10


The Vehicle is a common screensaver used by many Windows 10 users. In the Microsoft Store, the screensaver is named Vehicle Screen Savers. The screensaver will display high-quality images of cars, boats, bikes, trains, airplanes, and more. The photos in the screensaver are updated every week. You can download the Vehicle Screen Savers for free.

Vehicle - best screensaver for Windows 10


The most nostalgic screensaver on the list. Zz DVD is the built-in screensaver in older Windows versions. If you need that vintage effect, you can install the Zz DVD screensaver on your Windows 10 PC. The greatest mystery about the screensaver is when it will hit the exact corner of the screen. Install the screensaver and find out. The screensaver has the same features, like the color will change every time the logo hits the outline of your PC screen.

Zz DVD screensaver for Windows 10

Another Matrix Screensaver

The Matrix-inspired screensaver for Windows 10 is Another Matrix Screensaver. It mimics the falling green code as shown in the movie. This is termed Matric digital rain and it represents the encoded activity of the virtual reality environment called Matrix. The user can customize the matrix rain as per their preference. For instance, Another Matrix Screensaver supports adjusting the speed, font, and cipher density. You can even insert a coded message to display, and it will decode and displays it on the screen. Another Matrix Screensaver is free.

Another Matrix Screensaver

Living Marine Aquarium 2

With Living Marine Aquarium 2, you will be able to view the virtual fish tank on Windows 10. It is yet another best screensaver to feature 18 different animated species of fish and other sea creatures. Living Marine Aquarium 2 has three different aquariums that the screensaver will rotate through. The user can adjust the settings panel, customize the number of fishes and even select the aquarium type. Living Marine Aquarium 2 for Windows 10 is free.

Living Marine Aquarium 2

System 47

If you love science fiction movies, then System 47 will inspire you. It is a Windows 10 screensaver that is a replica of the LCARS (Library Computer Access and Retrieval System) computer interface. LCARS is the primary computer system in the movie Star Trek series. There are about eight different animation sequences System 47 randomly lines up. This screensaver will let you experience the 24th century. Besides all, the screensaver is fully customizable and you can even add your personal crew roster. System 47 for Windows 10 is Free.

System 47


Those Lego block lovers can try Briblo, the best screensavers for Windows 10. This will liven up the screen when you are away from the PC. It has a visually stunning look with colorful bricks and 3D makeshift. Briblo is highly interactive and the users can play using it with the arrow keys, enter key and space bars. In other words, it is a screensaver with Lego bricks and Tetris. Besides all, Briblo supports creating your own Lego stacks. Briblo for Windows 10 PC is Free.


Dog Licking Screen

Those dog and pup lovers can definitely try the Dog Licking Screen screensaver. It is one of the best screensavers for Windows 10. You will view a real pug that licks your monitor or screen from inside. Dog Licking Screen has looping videos that look more realistic. You can adjust the speed and it is one of the battery-saving screensavers. Dog Licking Screen for Windows 10 PC is Free.

Dog Licking Screen

Lost Watch 2 – NVIDIA Edition

Lost Watch 2 – NVIDIA Edition is the classic watch screensaver. It features a classic hand-held watch submerged in clear water. If you look deeply, you can see that the watch shows the current time. The screensaver is packed with sounds and ringtones that can be used for notifications and alarms on your Windows 10 PC. Apart from the Lost Watch 2, you can download more screensavers from the NVIDIA website.

Best Screensaver for Windows 10 - NVIDIA

How to Change Screensaver on Windows 10?

It is quintessential to know the procedure to change the screensaver on Windows 10. It isn’t a complex thing and can be done with one or two clicks.

(1). On your Windows 10 desktop, right-click and choose Personalize.

Change Screensaver for Windows 10

(2). Select Lock Screen and tap the Screen saver settings.

Screen Saver Settings

(3). Choose your preferred screensaver.

(4). If you choose 3D Text, you can customize the screensaver by tapping the Settings option.


1. Where do I get more screensavers for Windows 10?

You can customize the screensaver in the Personalization settings. If you want, you can download more screensavers from the Microsoft Store.

2. How do I get an animated screensaver in Windows 10?

You can get animated screensavers for Windows 10 on any third-party website or from the Microsoft Store.

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