Best Snipping Tool for Ubuntu in 2021

Capture screenshot on the Ubuntu PC with the best snipping tool.

A snipping tool is necessary to capture the image of the monitor screen and save the image for future reference. It can capture the entire PC screen, window tab, and required area. The mouse can be dragged across the screen to specify the area. It also provides highlighting, indicating tools such as pen, arrow, rectangle to denote in the images. The snipping tools are mostly free to install on Ubuntu. It also offers a blur tool to hide the private data on the images. The tools have a time delay option to take the screenshot after some seconds. Most of the snipping tools have screenshots and screen recording options for dual purposes. In the below article, we will look into the best snipping tool for Ubuntu.

Snipping Tools for Ubuntu

  1. Shutter
  2. ImageMagick
  3. Gnome Screenshot
  4. Ksnip
  5. Flameshot
  6. Spectacle
  7. ScreenRec
  8. Kazam
  9. GIMP
  10. ScreenCloud


Shutter - best snipping tool for Ubuntu

The Shutter is one of the best snipping tools for Ubuntu, and it is free to install on Ubuntu PC. It can capture an image of any size on the PC, full window, website with movable marks. The snipping tool provides various supplementary tools to edit the screenshots, and it has arrows, lines, rectangles to define the necessary part. It offers a highlighter to expose the important text in the screenshot. The Shutter can also hide certain information on the image as well as crop the image to the necessary dimension. It is easy to share the image with others through social media apps, and it can upload images on any website.



ImageMagick is an excellent and open-source snipping tool for Ubuntu. It supports almost all types of image formats. The tool can resize, rotate, crop, flip the image as desired. It can add texts to the images, and it could draw any shape on the screenshot. The tool has a blur, sharpen tool to focus on the required zone. It offers Image gradients to mix two or more colors for the image shapes. The ImageMagick displays the images with the format for easy recognition. It can make animated GIFs with a set of images and combine two images through overlap.

GNOME Screenshot

GNOME Screenshot - Best Snipping tool for Ubuntu

GNOME Screenshot is a free and the best snipping tool for Ubuntu. It comes with an inbuilt tool in the GNOME desktop environment. The tool offers options to capture the whole screen and particular tab. It can also take a screenshot of the desired area. There are many effects to add to the image. It provides a time tool to capture the image after certain seconds. The image can be shot with or without a window border. You can also include the pointer in the screenshot. It records the screen with a screencast, and it is easy to share the videos.



Ksnip is a great snipping tool for Ubuntu loaded with top features. It is easy to capture the image with the mouse, and it can also take the screenshot of full screen, windows, more. The tool offers markers like a pen, arrow, rectangular box to denote in the screenshot. It can draw shapes and introduce texts in the image. The snipping tool has a watermark to stamp the logo or name on the images. It can capture the screenshot with the time delay option, and it has command-line support. The Ksnip has various effects to transform the image, and the popular effects are drop shadow, grayscale.


Flameshot - best snipping tool for Ubuntu

Flameshot is one of the best snipping tools for Ubuntu. It offers a pen to draw on the image, a line to underline the points, and an arrow to indicate a certain spot. The tool can capture the image seamlessly, and it can be extended the image at any time of editing. It has Undo and Redo option to go back or remove the edits. The highlighter available in many colors used to highlight the image, and it can also blur certain places in the screenshots. The images can be directly saved to the cloud through Flameshot, and you can share them with others.


Spectacle - Best snipping tool for Ubuntu

The Spectacle is an amazing snipping tool, and it is free to get on the Ubuntu PC. It can capture the entire PC screen or required portion with the drag of the mouse. The tool also has a capture mode to define the screenshot area, and it has a delay option to capture the image at the right time. It can export the captured image to the required website or app. You can also copy the screenshot and paste it into the desired location. The Spectacle tool has the necessary tools to edit the images. It can also hide the mouse pointer on the screenshot.


Screen Rec

ScreenRec is the best tool for screenshots as well as screen recording on Ubuntu. It has a simple setup and very fast to capture the image. The ScreenRec can add text to the image, and it can draw a rectangular box to identify the essential segments. It can highlight the important phrases, and it uses arrows to show the icons, tabs, buttons. The tool can share the screenshot instantly, and it copies the image to the clipboard to add to the email. It has cloud storage to store the captured images and videos. The screen recording can also save the microphone, webcam inputs in the video.


Kazam - Best snipping tool for Ubuntu

Kazam is an excellent screen recorder tool, and it can also take screenshots. The tool offers a screencast for video recording and screenshots for images. It also has Fullscreen, All Screens, Window, and Area to choose from for snipping. The mouse cursor can be included or removed in the screenshots. It provides a time delay for capturing after few seconds. The Kazam can record the sound from the microphone as well as video from the webcam. It can capture the images with or without a window border.


GIMP - best snipping tool for Ubuntu

GIMP refers to GNU Image Manipulation Program, and it is a perfect snipping tool for Ubuntu. It is an open-source tool with editing tools. The tool has three options for the screenshot: single window, the entire screen, and a particular region. It also provides the facility to add or delete windows decoration, mouse pointer on the screenshots. The snipping tool offers a color profile to capture the image with monitor settings. You can also convert the images to regular RGB profiles. It has two kinds of time delay, choose the region after the delay, and select the region to capture before time delay.



ScreenCloud is an amazing snipping tool for Ubuntu to take crisp screenshots. It is free to install on the PC since it is open-source. The tools enable the user to choose the file location of the captured images. It can connect with the cloud storage and share the images to the cloud instantly. The screenshots can also be shared through email by copying the link to the clipboard. It offers only a drag and select option to capture the screenshot.

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Hence, the best snipping tools for Ubuntu are analyzed with their features. The snipping tool is useful for submitting the report, presentation with an image on the working process. It can also be used to explain the functioning of software through screenshots.

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