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Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide – Find When to Ascend?

Strategy to ascend at the best time in Cookie Clicker.

In this fast-paced world, every individual needs some time for relaxation and activities to do for entertainment. Recently, the majority of the kids have started playing games. Now, the games have also started paying the gamers so it now becomes a profession for passionate people. Here, the player has to earn cookies by playing the game. Once the player gets enough cookies, they can redeem them to purchase cursors, farms, gardens, factories, banks, and much more. Let’s discuss further what the cookie clicker Ascension guide is about and its benefits.

When the player collects many different types of cookies, the role of Cookie clicker ascension comes into play. By doing this, the player has the option to accumulate the chips and improve the prestigious level though there is a risk of losing the progress as well. The gamers would enjoy a 1% boost in cookie production on a higher prestige level. And the chips gained allows user to upgrade to higher prestigious levels. As the game progress, the number of cookies required to unlock the next prestige level increases.

When Should the Player Ascend Cookie Clicker

The game depends on the best time and strategy used to ascend. It is always better if the users ascend after reaching one trillion cookies. While ascending, the player will be losing a few of their earnings, including cookies, buildings, and upgrades, but it would be added to the accomplishments. It would be possible until the players have cookies to redeem.

1. Click on the “Legacy” button at the topmost of the screen.

Legacy option in Cookie Clicker

2. Now, a message will pop-up asking for confirmation from the player if they wish to proceed with the ascension.

Confirmation on Ascension option

3. After taping on the proceed, the player can see the details on the game time duration and the chips they will be receiving for upgrading.

On the process of Ascension - Cookie Clicker Ascension guide

The users can ascend it at any time as per convenience, as it does not have any protocols on when to ascend.

Strategy for Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

Here are some of the best strategies to have a better gaming experience. So it is not mandatory to follow the same, the player is free to frame their own set of strategies that best suit them. Let’s discuss some reliable steps to create an ascension strategy.

  • Check the list of heavenly upgrades available on the Wikis for the game or video guide. The players can go through the list as it would help them decide better.
  • Read through the description of each option to know more about the upgrade. It is better to watch videos on YouTube to get expert advice on the heavenly upgrades. It would help them choose a suitable option.
  • Note the expense of each upgrade while purchasing the heavenly chips. So the player will be able to choose the one that is most required.
  • Try getting beneficial updates that will enhance the CPS in the beginning. By doing this, the players can reach the ascension levels quicker.
  • Preplan the upgrades that will work together to help the user decide when to upgrade using the heavenly chips rather than wasting it on temporary benefits that the player might need.

The key point that every player should be aware of and put into practice is to redeem the heavenly chip wisely and have knowledge of the cookie clicker ascension guide. Patience would help them decide better as it would improve the CPS quicker. This game is compatible with Windows devices too. If players face any performance issues, they can use tools to fix the issue and get a better gaming experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it right to ascend soon after the legacy option is available?

No. It is advisable not to upgrade as soon as the option appears. Rather, the users can wait for a suitable time. The best time to ascend would be when the users reach 1 trillion cookies. The better your upgrades, the quicker the CPS will improve.

How many heavenly chips is the minimum and eligible to ascend?

The game doesn’t have any fixed number. But it is better for the users to plan the upgrades in advance. This would help them know exactly how many chips they would require and redeem wisely.

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