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How to Get Crunchyroll Dark Mode? [Easy Ways]

Missing the dark mode feature on Crunchyroll? Here are the ways to get it.

Crunchyroll is an online on-demand streaming service incorporated with a huge streaming library. If you are an anime lover, Crunchyroll is an out and out amine streaming service. It contains a wide collection of shows regularly updated with new episodes after one hour on its airing. Crunchyroll is offering its service for free but also has a premium version. If you want to use the Crunchyroll in the dark theme, unfortunately, there is no dark theme is available for Crunchyroll at present. However, you can stream your shows and episodes in dark mode only on Crunchyroll web page. Let us see the ways to do it.

Is there a Dark Mode for Crunchyroll?

No, Crunchyroll doesn’t have any official dark mode or theme. There is no option to access the Crunchyroll in Dark theme on smartphones and tablets. But, while using Crunchyroll on the web, there is a possibility to access this service in Dark or night theme by using any of the supported Dark mode extensions.

Steps to Get Crunchyroll Dark Mode

An in-built dark mode feature is not available for Crunchyroll so you can install any of the extensions on your browser to stream Crunchyroll in a night theme.

#1: Open Google Chrome Browser on your device.

#2: Go to Chrome Web Store and search for Dark Skin For Crunchyroll extension.

#3: Click Add to Chrome to install Dark Skin For Crunchyroll extension.

Crunchyroll Dark Mode

#4: Now open the Google Chrome Browser and visit the crunchyroll.com.

#5: You can see the entire Crunchyroll page appearing in dark.

#6: Login in with your Crunchyroll username and password to access its contents in Dark background.

Crunchyroll on Dark Mode

#7: You can easily switch between dark mode and normal mode with just a click in the toolbar.

Crunchyroll Supported Dark Mode Extensions

Other than Dark Skin for Crunchyroll, there are various other extensions on the chrome web store to get dark mode on Chrome.

Dark Night Mode

Dark Night Mode
Dark Night Mode

Dark Night Mode is a universal night mode extension available for free that makes an entire website dark. It is currently accessible only on the Chrome browser.

Night Eye

Night Eye

Night Eye is a dark mode extension that enables you to access any website in dark mode. It is integrated with multiple web browsers includes Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, Brave, UC Browser and many more. Crunchyroll supports Night Eye extension to use it in the night theme.

Dark Reader

Crunchyroll on Dark Mode

Dark Reader is a safe and secure extension to use. It is the perfect solution to access Crunchyroll contents in the night mode. With this, you can enable Crunchyroll dark theme regardless of which browser you are using.

Turn Off the Lights

Turn off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights is an open-source dark mode extension available for various web browsers including Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Yandex, UC Browser, Maxthon and many more. It is supported by several streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Vimeo, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Dailymotion and more.

To Conclude

Dark Mode browser extensions are the only solution to access the Crunchyroll in night theme. These extensions will allow you to customize night mode experience by changing the color of background, links, titles and many more. Comment below if you know any other ways to get a dark theme on the Crunchyroll. Do follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts for more related tech updates.

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