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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Play store

Dark mode is available for all Google apps including Google Play Store as well.

Google Play Store is the application which comes pre-installed on your Android Smartphone. It is one of the important apps on your Android devices as it is used to install other apps. Google Play Store contains plenty of apps and you can install your favourite apps. Nowadays most of the apps are built-in with dark mode feature. You can easily enable dark mode on Play Store as it is one of the apps with a dark theme feature enabled. By enabling dark mode on Google Play Store, you can use the app in a dark theme and protect your eye from bright light.

Features of Google Play Store

  • It is filled with an endless list of apps and games to install.
  • You can find apps in 17 different categories.
  • Auto-update features updates apps automatically whenever you get an update.
  • You can get all the details of the app which you are trying to install.
  • It supports nearly 50 global languages.
  • Built-in with a search option that helps to find out the right app instantly.

How to Dark Mode on Google Play Store?

As Play Store is one of the apps which is compatible with Dark Mode, you can easily enable it using your settings.

(1) Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

(2) Tap the Menu option (three line) in the top left of the app screen.

Open the Google Play Store app

(3) Scroll to the Settings option and select it.

Dark Mode on Google Play store

(4) Select the Theme option under the settings.

Select Theme

(5) Click on the “Dark” option among the three option you see.

Select Dark

Note: With the latest version of Android, you can choose the option “System Default”. By selecting this option, whenever your turn on dark mode on Android, your Play Store will display dark theme as well.

If you wan to turn back to light theme, follow the same procedure and select Light option instead of Dark.

That’s it, the dark mode on Google Play Store on Enabled.

Dark Mode on Google Play store

Our Opinion

By using the above steps, you can turn on dark mode on your Google Play Store. Dark Mode protects your eyes from strain and also saves battery life. If you are using the Google Play Store for a long time, then you can just turn on the dark mode and enjoy using it.

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