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How to Get Degree Symbol on Keyboard [PC, Mac, Android & iOS]

Find the possible ways in which you can insert degree symbol on any keyboard on any device.

Anyone would have noticed a handful number of symbols while typing on the keyboard. Do you know where the Degree symbol is on the keyboard? If not, then how would you be able to type the degree symbol on the keyboard on your device? Never panic, as this section will introduce you to the keyboard shortcut for the degree symbol.

What is a Degree?

The degree symbol (°) is a typographical symbol used in different fields. This symbol looks like a small raised circle. This symbol was first recorded in 1657 in mathematics. Anyone would have noticed the degree symbol after monitoring the body temperature in the hospital. It is most often used on a weather report. The degree symbol is used while representing the degrees of temperature, degree of arch in geographic coordinate systems, diminished quality in musical harmony, etc.

How to Get Degree Symbol on Keyboard

Learn the possible ways in which you can get a degree symbol on different devices and keyboards.

On Windows PC

There are multiple ways in which you get a degree symbol from Windows PC/laptop keyboard.

Using Keyboard Shortcut,

Place the cursor where you want the degree symbol and use the following Degree symbol keyboard shortcut on the PC

  • Hold the Alt Key and use the numeric keyboard to type 0176. You will get °
  • Similarly, you can also hold the Alt key and type 248

Note: Keep Num Lock turned on.

Using Character Map

You can use the control panel to open the Character Map on the PC to use the degree symbol.

(1). Launch the Character map app on Windows PC.

Launch Character Map-Degree Symbol on Keyboard

(2). When it opens up, select the Advanced view check box.

Check in Advanced View

(3). On the Search for field, type as degree sign and tap on the Search button.

Search for Degree sign-Degree Symbol on Keyboard

(4). You should double-click the degree symbol to copy it.

Note: When copied, you will find it on the Characters to copy field.

Copy Degree Symbol-Degree Symbol on Keyboard

(5). Click on the Copy button to proceed.

(6). Now, open the document or notepad in which you want to use the degree symbol.

(7). Just press Ctrl+V and you will find the degree symbol pasted over there.

In MS Word,

(1). Launch the Microsoft Word document on your PC.

(2). Keep your cursor where you want the degree symbol to appear.

(3). Tap on Insert tab > select Symbol > choose More Symbols.

Click on More Symbols-Degree Symbol on Keyboard

(4). Choose Font as Times New Roman and Subset as Latin-1 Supplement.

Select Degree Sign

(5). Select the Degree symbol and click on the Insert button.

In Windows 11 and 10 PCs, you can insert the degree symbol by using the Emoji keyboard. Press the Windows key + Full stop to open the Emoji keyboard. Click the Omega symbol and scroll down. You will find the degree symbol.

On Mac PC

Even the Mac PC has no degree symbol. However, you can get this symbol with keyboard shortcuts. Upon placing the cursor on the app or document where the degree symbol should appear,

Press Alt + 0 or press Option key + Shift + 8 simultaneously.

When the keyboard shortcut fails, then do this,

(1). Click on the Edit option on Notes or any document.

(2). On the drop-down, select Emoji & Symbol.

(3). Select the Punctuation tab on the left pane.

(4). Double-click on the degree symbol and it gets inserted next to the cursor blink.

To insert the degree symbol on Chromebook and Linux PCs, tap and hold the Ctrl + Shift + U. The underlined u letter will appear. Without releasing the keys, type OOBA and tap Enter. You will get the degree symbol.

On Android

You can insert the degree symbol from the Android keyboard. Here is how.

(1). Launch an app that uses Keyboard. Say Messages.

(2). Tap on the text message section and click on ?123 on the keyboard.

(3). Then, click on +\< to get the secondary symbol section.

(4). Click on the degree symbol and it will be pasted over there.

On iOS

iOS users can get a degree symbol on those apps that support Keyboard.

(1). Open any app that uses a keyboard on iOS. For example, iMessage.

(2). Tap inside the Text field box and click on the 123 button.

(3). Press and hold 0 button to open a pop-up menu.

(4). Choose the Degree symbol and when you release it, it will be inserted over there.

That’s a simple and easy-to-use degree symbol on the keyboard irrespective of the device and platform you own. Suppose, you know any other ways to easily get the degree symbol, leave a comment below. For more such useful articles, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


1. Where is the Degree symbol on the laptop keyboard?

For a Windows laptop, you can use the Alt codes or the emoji keyboard to enter the degree symbol.

2. How to enter the degree symbol on the keyboard without a number pad?

If your keyboard doesn’t have the number pad, you can use the Emoji keyboard to enter the degree symbol.

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