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How to Get Disney Plus On Apple TV, iPad, iPhone & MacBook

Guide to watch Disney Plus on your Apple TV products.

Disney Plus is one of the greatest streaming services from Disney network. It is an exclusive home to stream original shows and movies from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney’s own studio and National Geographic. You will need a Disney Plus subscription ($7 per month or $70 per year) to access the app. Once the subscription is made, with the same login you can access this app simultaneously on 4 different devices and get unlimited downloads up to 10 devices. So you will catch up all your favourites shows regardless of where you are. Disney Plus is a multi-platform compatible app that works well on all Apple products like Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and MacBook. The version of Apple TV should be a fourth-generation or higher to stream Disney Plus.

Get Disney Plus on Apple TV, iPhone & iPad

The process of installing Disney Plus on Apple products is vastly simple and uncomplicated.

#1: Turn on your Apple TV and go to the Home screen. In case of iPhone or iPad open the App Store app.

#2: Open the App Store (available on Apple TV 4th Generation or higher).

Disney Plus on Apple TV

#3: Navigate to the search box and Type Disney Plus.

#4: Find Disney Plus app from the search results.

#5: Click the Get option and the app starts downloading instantly.

Disney Plus on Apple TV

#6: Once the download and installation is complete, return back to the home screen and scroll down to open Disney Plus app.

#7: Now enter your user name and password to sign in to Disney plus account and begin to stream movies and shows offered by this app.

Disney Plus on Apple TV

Sign up for Disney Plus

Before using the Disney Plus service on Apple TV, iPhone or iPad you need to set up an account with it.

Note: If you are residing in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, you will be able to purchase a subscription to Disney Plus and stream all contents on Disney vault.

#1: To sign up Disney Plus you need to open any web browser on your computer.

#2: Move to search bar and visit

#3: Select Start free trial if you only want Disney+, or tap Buy now.

#4: Enter your Email address and tap continue option.

Enter Email address

#5: Enter your desired password and tap continue.

 Enter  password

#6: Choose the payment plan either $7 per month or $70 per year.

 Choose the payment plan

#7: Provide your payment information and then click Agree and continue.

Your Disney Plus account has been created.

You can use the same Email ID and password as login credentials to access Disney Plus app on any of your Apple products.

To Conclude

Disney Plus app on Apple TV is a hub where you can get endless entertainment. You can access to classic, new release and Disney originals. You will be able to watch all your selected titles in 4K Ultra HD and HDR resolution. If you want to cancel your subscription, it should be done before the end of 7 days free trial. Otherwise, you will be charged every month until you cancel the subscription.

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