Enhancing Efficiency With Digital Adoption Platforms

Whatever business you find yourself in today, the priority must be efficiency; customers have a lot of ways to express their sentiments now, and you must strive to meet and even surpass their expectations. You need to entrench digital adoption in your organization to ensure your processes are efficient and meet the world’s best standards.

The wide acceptance of social media has given customers the voice they probably did not have; they leverage different platforms to provide positive and negative reviews about various products and services. The new nature of work, where some employees may operate remotely and where you have to compete with brands across the globe, deem it necessary to constantly update your employees on innovations on any social media platform; for instance, the new screen lock feature by WhatsApp.

It may sound outlandish, but the fact is that any organization that wants relevancy has to incorporate hundreds of apps to operate daily. Twitter, for instance, is a social app that can give you world trends in real-time. 

Employees may find this stressful and can tend to oppose or resist the innovation. Do you have an option? Yes, digital adoption platforms.

What is a digital adoption platform?

A digital adoption platform facilitates seamless software learning; this can be achieved by making the user experience easy and ensuring proficiency and efficiency on any software platform, website, or app. The ultimate value you derive from a digital platform is the number of apps your organization needs to conduct your daily tasks will not stress employees; this will lead to improved customer experience and a high ROI.

Where do you gather the data that will enable your organization to compete favorably? You need customers to stay afloat; according to McKinsey, if your organization is data-driven, you have 23 more-times better chances of acquiring customers. Your organization can only have better insights and develop a better understanding of how to satisfy customers by leveraging their data. 

If users find it difficult or refuse due to any reason to use tools that will increase efficiency, problems related to compromised data integrity will arise. Negative customer sentiments and frustrations from employees will make it extremely difficult or impossible to acquire new customers.

Since you can layer digital adoption platform (DAP) software on top of any social media app, it helps to accelerate proficiency by directing users through vital tasks. DAP software provides interpretive and evaluative information, ensuring that users navigate their way through a product.

Digital adoption is an ongoing process, and as the world keeps churning out new technologies to improve business practices, there will always be tendencies for users to resist and show signs of friction. When employees have to deal with complex and unfamiliar software, your organization can experience burnout, dissatisfaction, and low output.

Digital adoption platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning streamline digital change; users find it easier to adopt changes, reducing friction, based on the tailored guidance DAP software provides using contextual information. Your organization can customize DAP software to address its specific needs for users in real-time. 

Digital adoption platforms can help your organization to efficiently transform in the following ways:

  • Automating some onboarding processes of employees and customers
  • Provision of in-app software training and guidance
  • Collection, collation, and analysis of usage data
  • Proactively resolving any user challenge through the support system

Enhancing efficiency with digital adoption platforms means that your organization can derive the following benefits:

  • Onboarding time for new employees and customers will be reduced
  • The burden on the IT team will be drastically reduced, and the team can focus on more vital issues in the organization 
  • Elimination of the friction that can arise from employees who may want to resist a new learning process to acquire the necessary knowledge to imbibe new software technology due to rigid company culture.
  • A better understanding and grasp of how things should work and what won’t work.

Every organization may not attempt digital transformation the same way; an organization may view digital adoption as leveraging social media for proper exposure, while another organization may want to advance operations through robotics machines. The important thing is knowing what to do to keep your organization going strong in the global market.

Suppose you decide that your organization will focus on social media as a digital adoption platform based on the number of users that is anticipated to grow to 4.41 billion by 2025. In that case, you stand to enhance customer service through feedback and reviews, boost your credibility, remain competitive, build customer loyalty, and create brand ambassadors.


An important part of your task as the CEO if your organization is leveraging social media as a digital adoption strategy is to ensure that your employees focus on the latest updates from the different platforms. WhatsApp just recently rolled out 3D Avatars, and if your customers don’t see you following such strides, they may churn your brand for another.

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