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How to Type Euro Symbol on Keyboard [3 Possible Ways]

Ways to use Keyboard shortcuts to insert the Euro symbol.

Are you one of those who reads a lot of share market & economy news and blogs. If yes, you will definitely come across the euro symbol (€) on it. For those who don’t know about the symbol, it is the currency for 12 European countries, like Dollar ($) for America. The euro symbol is not an official symbol on any communication tools or PC keyboard. So, have you ever wondered how the euro symbol is typed in share market blogs? Well, in this article you will find the answer.

Ways to Type Euro Symbol on Keyboard

  • Using Keyboard shortcut keys
  • Using Character Map
  • By Emojis

How to Type Euro Symbol on Keyboard using Keyboard shortcut keys

(1) Move the cursor where you need to enter the euro symbol.

(2) For Windows, press the combination Ctrl + Alt + E.

Euro Symbol on Keyboard

(3) For Mac PC, press the combination Shift + Option + 2 or Shift + Alt + 2.

Euro Symbol on Keyboard

(4) If the above keys doesn’t enter the euro symbol, try different combinations like Ctrl + Alt + 4, or Ctrl + Alt + 5, or AltGr + E (Windows), Shift + Option + 4 or Shift + Alt + 4.

How to Type Euro Symbol on Keyboard using Character Map

(1) Search and open Character Map on your Windows PC.

(2) In the Search for box, type Euro and search for it.

Character Map

(3) The euro symbol will appear. Choose the symbol and click the Copy button to copy the symbol to the clipboard.

Euro Symbol on Keyboard

(4) Paste the copied euro symbol wherever you want.

How to Type Euro Symbol on Keyboard by using Emojis

This method is applicable to Windows 10 and later.

(1) Press the keyboard combination Win + . or Win + ; to open the Emojis list.

Euro Symbol

(2) Choose the euro emoji from the list.

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Our Opinion

These are three different ways to insert the euro symbol on your file. You can also copy the symbol from a webpage and paste wherever you want, but it is time-consuming. Try these simple methods to insert the euro symbol on keyboard. If you know any other way to type the euro symbol on PC, mention it in the comments section.

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