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GoGoAnime – Watch Free Anime Online [2021]

Watch Anime series and movies online with English subtitle for free.

With GoGoAnime, you can watch high-quality videos of subbed and dubbed Anime movies. The main attraction to this service is that it is absolutely free and doesn’t need any registration. Anime movies and shows are kinds of stress buster preferred by many around the world. Those types of movies and shows are growing in popularity day by day. There are lots and lots of streaming services dedicated themselves to stream anime. But still, GoGoAinme stands out among all. Here is a detailed review of the particular streaming service.

Is GoGoAnime Legal?

The website allows the users to download the anime without the owner’s permission, which makes it illegal and raises copyright issues. It does have pirated content. In such cases, the app becomes illegal and unsafe to use. In terms of viruses or malware, it is absolutely safe to use. GoGoAnime is definitely safe until or unless you click any unwanted ads. But clicking ads can bring various harms including virus to your device. So make sure that you don’t access any ads.

Why Use VPN?

As said, the contents on the site aren’t legal and available for download without the owner’s permission. They are called copyrighted contents, and they will bring serious legal issues. To ensure that your device is safe and to stay away from all issues, you may need a VPN. VPN will hide the device identity and IP address so that the user will stay anonymous. It will prevent the ISP or Government, or any other third-party sources from tracking the device. Moreover, it will also prevent hackers from tracking your activities. So make sure to use a VPN while streaming content from such sites.


  • GoGoAnime features various types of anime under a plethora of categories. The categories include action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, adventure, music, game, etc.
  • The developers will constantly update new movies and TV shows every day.
  • Most animes are dubbed in various languages. Moreover, you can get English subtitles for all anime.
  • The service also features New Releases, New Seasons, Watchlist, Scheduled Lists, etc.
  • You can purchase and download various movies and series to watch.
  • By paying a subscription fee, you can be able to watch various series.
  • You can sign up and log in to the GoGoAnime site to keep track of your contents.


As said earlier, the GoGoAnime is completely free, and you can even find various movies and TV shows for free. Still, few titles aren’t available for free. In such cases, you may need to pay a subscription fee and watch those content. You have to pay only for the particular content. There is neither a subscription fee nor registration required to stream and download the contents.


How to Watch GoGoAnime Videos

There is no official GoGoAnime app to stream the videos. Still, you can stream the videos as long you have a web browser on your device. Be aware of the applications that are circulating on the internet as the official GoGoAnime app.

You can stream GoGoAnime videos on devices supporting popular and reliable web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and many more. Just visit the GoGoAnime official site to watch the Anime videos that you want. If you had a streaming device like Chromecast or Amazon Firestick, you could cast the anime videos to watch it on the TV screen.

How to Download Videos from GoGoAnime

You can easily download Anime videos and movies from GoGoAnime to stream in offline mode.

1) Visit the GoGoAnime official site from any of the web browser.

2) Select the title of movies or series and the episode that you want to download.

3) Right-click on the Download button that you can see on the media player.

4) Select the Save link as menu and choose your download location to save the video.

Available Contents

Cowboy Bebop
Dragon Ball Z
Angel Beats
Dragon Ball Super
One Piece
Fruits Basket
Guilty Crown
Seis Manos
Rilakkuma and Kaoru
Carole and Tuesday
Megalo Box
Devilman Crybaby
Violet Evergarden
Code Geass Season 3
Piece 3D2Y
Ghost in the: Arise Border 3
The asylum session
Sword for Truth

These programs not only provide you with entertainment but also with various life lessons like relationships, hard work, patience, teamwork, etc.

Alternatives for GoGoAnime

  2. Kissanime
  3. Tubi TV
  4. 4Anime
  5. Funimation
  6. Animeheaven
  7. Animefreak
  8. Chia-Anime
  9. AnimeDao
  10. MyAnimeList
  11. Hulu
  12. Netflix
  13. Disney Plus

Pros of GoGoAnime

  • GoGoAnime is free and also fast while comparing with the other sites.
  • The site provides excellent stability while streaming any content.
  • Particularly, the site has a good reputation which is maintained throughout.
  • The service offers terms of trustworthiness, child safety, and privacy for the user.

Cons of GoGoAnime

  • Though this app service is free, it is not so legitimate.
  • There are legal issues and risks with streaming in this app or site.
  • Many titles are available without the owner’s knowledge and may cause copyright infringements.


Apart from being free, GoGoAnime runs smoothly without any stammering. The site stability has been appreciated much more so that the users can enjoy hassle-free Anime streaming. Ensure to use a VPN and stay anonymous to protect your identity while streaming. If you have tried this service before, mention your feedback in the comments section.

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