Google Apps List 2021 | Full List of Google Apps & Services

Google is an integral part of Android smartphones and tablets. In every Android device, starting from smartphones to smart TVs, there will be three or four Google apps pre-installed with it. There are more than 150 Google apps available in the Play Store. Here, we made a full list of Google apps with a short description.

Google has developed apps in almost every category. Starting from file manager apps to payment apps. In this list of Google apps, you will find apps from categories like utilities, communications, streaming, health, and more.

List of Google Apps

Google Apps List

Google Play Store: Google Play Store is the first app on the list. Play Store is the heart of Android smartphones and Android TVs. With the Google Play Store, you can search and install a numerous list of apps and games. Google Play Store is a built-in app on all Android devices.

Google Apps List

Google Pay: A complete app for all your payment needs. In the Google Pay app, you can send and receive money from your friends. Using the app, you can also make payments like recharge, electricity, hospital, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Meet: The next app on the list is Google Meet. A perfect video calling app for companies and organizations. In the Google Meet app, you can add up to 250 participants in a single call. Google Meet is one of the must-have apps on your smartphone.

Google Apps List

Google Play Games: If you are an active user of the Google Play Store, Google Play Games is the best app. In the app, you can create a gamer profile, play built-in Google games, gameplay recording, check leaderboards, and more.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music: The next on the list of Google Apps is YouTube Music. Like the YouTube app, you will get music files in the YouTube Music app. You will get personalized recommendations for songs and playlists.

Google Apps List

Google Authenticator: It is a password-protection app. With the Google Authenticator, you can create two-step verification for your smartphone. You can use the app without the internet. Get the Google Authenticator app from the Play Store or App Store.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids: An app specially made for kids and children. In the YouTube Kids app, you will get videos that are appropriate for kids under age 12. With the YouTube Kids app, you will get parental control features too.

Google Apps List

Google Home: The app for all your smart home needs. With the Google Home application, you can control all the Google devices like Nest devices, Google Home Mini, and more. With Google Home, you can set up Chromecast and Google TV. Google Home app is available on the Play Store and App Store.

Google Apps List

Google Classroom: An alternate solution for home education. In the app, teachers and students can connect with each other. Google Classroom app also has built-in study materials for smart learning.

Google Apps List

Google Translate: All in one translating guide for your needs. With the
Google Translate app, you can get the translation for any language. Without the internet, you can get 59 languages.

Google Apps List

Google Earth: A 3D version of Google Maps. You will get to explore all the places in the world in a 3D view. By using the Google Earth app, you can also get a 360° view of any place.


Messages: Messages by Google is the best alternative for the built-in messages app. The app is simpler than most of the built-in apps. Using the Messages app, you can send and receive text, images, GIFs, emojis, and more.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio: The best managing app for your YouTube channel. If you have a YouTube channel, you will get all the stats for your channel with a click. With the app, you will get to schedule videos, respond to comments, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Find My Device: If your smartphone is lost, Google Find My Device is your savior. With the app, you can remotely access your smartphone, see the current location, get a pinpoint location with indoor maps, play a sound, erase a device, lock it, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Docs: A perfect document manager for your smartphone. In Google Docs, you can manage all your word files, excel sheet, presentation files, and all in one place.

Google Apps List

Google Voice: Google Voice is an online voice calling app which runs on an internet connection. With the Google Voice app, you will get a unique phone number for calling, text messages, and voicemail.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV: The best cable TV alternative app for US residents. On YouTube TV, you will get access to more than 70+ live TV channels with unlimited DVR storage. With one YouTube TV subscription, you can use the YouTube TV app on six different devices.


Hangouts: If you are a Gmail user, Hangouts is the best chatting app for you. In a Hangouts group chat, you can add up to 150 people. In a Hangouts group video call, you can add up to 10 members at once.

Google Apps List

Google Opinion Rewards: If you want to earn Google Play credits, you can use Google Opinion Rewards. In the app, you have to answer a few questions once or twice a week. For one report, you can earn £0.60 Play credit.

Google Apps List

Google One: If you are using your cloud storage, then Google One is the best cloud manager for you. Google One app will automatically backup your media files to your Google cloud. You can get 15 GB of cloud storage for free.


YouTube: This app doesn’t need any introduction. YouTube is the most known video platform in the world. For free, you will get personalized ads. For ad-free streaming, buy YouTube Premium worth $11.99 per month.

Google Apps List

Files by Google: File Managing apps that come with the smartphone are not effective. With the Files by Google app, you can manage your smartphone’s internal memory with ease. The app has a lot of optimization algorithms for the effective usage of your phone memory.


Contacts: If you want to manage your personal and work contacts in one place, Contacts is the best app. The app will automatically sync the contact information saved on your mail. The saved contacts will also be backed up to your cloud.

Google Apps List

Google Sheets: Spreadsheets are the best tool to save data and statistical information. With Google Sheets, you can easily make and edit spreadsheets. Google Sheets can also be accessed offline too.

Android Auto

Android Auto: If you are a driver by profession or a travel enthusiast, you need the Android Auto app the most. With the Android Auto app, you will get an instant road map to your destination using voice commands.

Google Apps List

Google Assistant: Almost all Android smartphones come with Google Assistant pre-installed. It is a virtual assistant tool controlled by your voice commands. With the Google Assistant app, you can control your smartphone with your voice.

Google Apps List

Google Lens: Google Lens app is a real-time savior for all people. With the Google Lens app, you can find information by scanning images, translate text, copy texts from books, and more.


Snapseed: A complete photo editing app for your smartphone. With the Snapseed app, you will get all the advanced photo-editing tools that you need. Snapseed is used by many photo-editing professionals. You can install the Snapseed app from the App Store or Play Store.

Google Apps List

Google Photos: A two-way photo gallery app for all your photos. With the Google Photos app, you can access both offline photos and cloud photos. Google Photos has some advanced features like Automatic Albums, Automatic Video Collages, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Calendar: A calendar app is essential for everyone to keep track of things. With the Google Calendar app, you can create and schedule meetings, mark events manually, import events from your Gmail, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Family Link for parents: Family Link app is the best parental control app for you. If you have a child, you can monitor them digitally. With the Google Family app, you can set digital ground rules.


Gboard: Everyone who uses a smartphone needs a good QWERTY keyboard. With the Gboard, you will get an advanced QWERTY keyboard, Glide typing, and more. In Gboard, the Google search engine is integrated for web browsing. Gboard app is available on the App Store and Play Store.

Google Apps List

Google Podcasts: Podcasts apps are slowly gaining popularity. In the Google Podcasts app, you can get to listen to the latest episodes from popular shows, share podcasts with your friends, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Duo: Google Duo is a video calling app available for smartphones and streaming devices. In Google Duo, you can add up to 32 people in a single video call. All the calls you make on Google Duo are encrypted for safety measures.

Google Apps List

Google Slides: Creating a presentation on PC is a cakewalk. But on smartphones, it is a tedious process. To ease that, Google Slides are introduced. With the Google Slides app, you can make presentations in an easy manner. You can use the Google Slides app offline too.

Android Auto for phone screen

Android Auto for phone screens: Android Auto is a navigation app. As the name suggests, Android Auto for phone screens is specially for smartphones. All the icons and navigation options are optimized for a smartphone screen.

Google Apps List

Google Play Books: If you are an ebook reader, you need the Google Play Books app. With the Google Play Books app, you can buy ebooks from Google Play. You can read those ebooks or buy the audiobook version to listen to them.

Google Apps List

Google Fit: Staying fit is one of the important things in our life. Google Fit app acts as your fitness coach. With the Google Fit app, you can set fitness goals, track your sleep, connect with the Wear OS watches, and more.

Google Apps List

Socratic by Google: Socratic by Google is a virtual teaching app. In the app, you will get explanations and clarifications for your doubts. The Socratic app has all the subjects from school level to university level.


Stadia: Stadia, a gaming platform developed by Google. With the Stadia app, you will share the gaming screen to your desktop, laptop, and even Android TVs. In Stadia, free games are available along with the paid ones. Stadia is one of the must-have Google apps on the list.


PhotoScan: With the PhotoScan app, you can scan the printed photos within seconds. The PhotoScan will automatically detect the corner and crop the photo accordingly. You can link the PhotoScan app with Google Photos and save the scanned photos. Get the PhotoScan app from the Play Store or App Store.


Phone by Google: If you want a perfect calling app for your smartphone, Phone by Google is the best choice you have. With the Phone by Google app, you will get spam warnings, get caller ID for unknown numbers, block unwanted callers, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Keep: Most of us take notes on our smartphones, and there are thousands of note-taking app available on the Play Store. But, Google Keep is one of the must-have note-taking apps. With the Google Keep app, you can make checklists, voice notes, and even take notes by freehand drawings.

Google Apps List

Google Go: Google Go is an optimized version of the Google Search engine. With the Google Go app, you can search the internet with 40% less data. You can search the internet with both text and voice notes in the Google Go app.

Google Apps List

Google Chrome: This goes without saying, Google Chrome is the best browser for Android smartphones. Google Chrome browser has all the advanced features and modern algorithms to get effective search results. For low data consumption, you can turn on the Lite mode.


Calculator: A handy calculator app is always necessary on a smartphone. With the Calculator app, you can make all four arithmetic operations in a simple way. Apart from arithmetic operations, you can also do trigonometric operations and more. Calculator is the essential app in the Google Apps list.

Google Apps List

Google Tasks: If you want a task management app for your daily work, Google Tasks is the best app for you. By syncing your Gmail account with Google Tasks, you can create and manage tasks from your mail account. Google Tasks is one of the best apps on the list. Google Tasks app is available on the Play Store and the App Store.

Google Apps List

Google Family Link for children & teenagers: With the integration of the Google Family Link app, you can supervise your child’s smartphone activity using the Google Family Link for children & teenagers app. You can set time limits for apps usage, recommend apps for your kid, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Maps Go: We all know how useful Google Maps is. Google Maps Go is a compact version of Google Maps. In Google Maps Go, you can get instant directions to your destination. The app is embedded with the Google Chrome app. Without the Google Chrome app, you can’t use Google Maps Go.

Google Apps List

Navigation for Google Maps Go: To get real-time navigation for Google Maps Go, you should install Navigation for Google Maps Go app. With the app, you will get turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation. Navigation for Google Maps Go is developed for low-memory phones.


Gmail: Almost everyone has a Gmail account. Gmail app is an easy-to-use mail app. With the Gmail app, you can manage all your emails with ease. In the Gmail app, you can access more than one mail account without any issues. Gmail by Google is one of the essential apps on the list.

Wear OS

Wear OS: Like Apple Smartwatches, Android smartwatches are also hitting the market. With the Wear OS app, you can pair your Android smartwatch with ease. By pairing the smartwatch with your smartphone, you will get notifications and alerts from your smartwatch. If you have an Android smartwatch, Wear OS is one of the essential Google apps on the list.

Google Apps List

Google Chat: Google Chat is available only for G Suite customers. With the Google Chat app, you can chat with others with ease. Google Chat is targeted at enterprises and companies where you can share links and files without granting permissions.

Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta: Chrome Beta is a beta mode version of the Chrome browser. In the Chrome Beta app, you get to access new features and updates before they are released publicly. As the app is in beta mode, you will get errors and glitches.

Google Apps List

Google Drive: Google Drive is the ultimate companion for cloud management. With the Google Drive app, you can safely store and manage all your files with ease. For one Gmail account, you will get 15 GB of cloud storage for free.

Android TV Remote Control

Android TV Remote Control: If you have an Android TV at home, Android TV Remote Control is the must-have app for you. With the app, you can control any of your Android TV. For pairing, you can use the same Wifi or Bluetooth connection.

Google Apps List

Google Play Music: Google Play Music is a music player app available for both free and subscriptions. For free, you will get ads while listening to music. In the Premium version, you will get ad-free streaming. With the Play Music app, you can listen to the radio, local music files, podcasts, and more. Now, the Google Play Music app is integrated into the YouTube Music app.


Jamboard: Jamboard is a digital whiteboard application that is best suited for Android TVs. With the Jamboard app, you can draw or write with a stylus and various pens. Jamboard is a G Suite app and can be used only with an active G Suite account.

Google Apps List

Google News: We all need a perfect news app to get to know about the world’s happenings. Google News fetches news from all popular news platforms and delivers the best news for you. By signing in, you can get personalized recommendations and news that are curated for you.


Cardboard: If you have any VR files on your smartphone, you can use the Cardboard app. With the Cardboard app, you can get a VR experience with your smartphone. Themes like Earth, Tour Guide, My Videos, Exhibit, PhotoSphere, Arctic Journey are pre-installed with it.

Google Apps List

Google Wifi: Google Wifi is used to set up the Google Wifi system, see what devices are connected to the Wifi network, how much bandwidth you are using, and more. With the Google Wifi app, you can easily manage all your Wifi networks with ease.

Google Apps List

Google My Business: With the Google My Business app, you can manage your business profile with Google tools. You can respond to reviews and comments, upload photos, modify your business profile, manage multiple locations in one dashboard, and more.


Measure: Everyone is not accurate when it comes to measurements. With the Measure app by Google, you can measure the length and height of any object in your home. If you want, you can switch between imperial and metric units. Now, the Measure app is removed from the Play Store.

Google Apps List

Google Street View: With Google Street View app, you can visit the place virtually right from your smartphone. By connecting the app to the camera, you can see virtual images, 360 images, and more. The street view is available only in selected areas.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop: As the name suggests, you can control your desktop from the smartphone. To get the Chrome Remote Desktop app working, you have to install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on your PC from the Web Store.

Google Apps List

Google Fi: Google Fi is a phone plan with Google services. You can buy data packs, or you can pay for the data you use. With Google Fi, you can get unlimited texts & calls, international data in 200+ countries, and more.

Google Apps List

Gallery Go by Google Photos: Gallery Go is a simplified version of Google Photos. In the Gallery Go app, you can find your photos faster with less data. Like Google Photos, Gallery Go also will organize your photos with different albums.

Google Apps List

Google Ads: With the Google Ads app, you can view and manage your ad performance right from your smartphone. You can make changes to your campaigns like bids, keywords, and budgets. Though Google Ads is suited for PCs, you can get all the parameters with the Google Ads smartphone app.


Clock: Time management is the most important aspect on our life. With the Clock app, you can create and manage alarms. The best part on the Clock app is that you can set custom alarm music from Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Music, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Maps: The complete navigation app for your needs. With the Google Maps app, you can get the best route for your destination. You can choose different kinds of routes like Walking, Bike, Car, Flight, and more.

Google Apps List

Google: The go-to app for all your Google ads. The Google app is the combination of all Google services like the search engine, daily weather report, navigation, and more. With the app, you can also get live score updates.

Hangouts Dialer

Hangouts Dialer: If you want to call any contacts with your Hangouts profile, Hangouts Dialer is the best app for you. By installing the Hangouts Dialer app, you can directly call from your Hangouts app. You can also link our Google Voice number with the Hangouts Dialer app.

Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier: Most Android smartphones are not good with volumes and sounds. With the Sound Amplifier app, you can increase the sound intensity for conversation by eliminating the noises. The Sound Amplifier app works only with headphones.

Google Apps List

Google VR Services: If you have any Daydream apps, Google VR Services is the best app to control those apps. The app provides VR features to Daydream and Cardboard apps. This includes displaying notifications while in VR, pairing VR headsets, and controlling VR apps.


Wallpapers: With the Wallpapers by Google, you can choose wallpapers from your own images, Google Earth collections, landscapes from Google+, and more. You can also set slideshows from different categories for each day.

Google Apps List

Carrier Services: With the Carrier Services app, you can manage all your phone conversations in one place. You can chat with stickers and more. Carrier Services app will also enhance features in the Android Messages app.

Voice Access

Voice Access: Voice Access by Google will enable voice commands for your smartphone. You can use basic commands like “Go back,” “Scroll down,” “Type Hello,” and more. To activate the Voice Access app, you have to activate the app with Google Assistant.

Google Apps List

YouTube Kids for Android TV: Apart from smartphones, Google also has Android Smart TVs from different bands. Some apps like YouTube Kids are must-have apps on Android Smart TVs. YouTube Kids for Android TV is specially developed for Android Smart TVs.

Chrome Dev

Chrome Dev: Chrome Dev is the under-development version of the Chrome browser. With the Chrome Dev app, you will new features even before they are launched to the public. But, at times, the Chrome Dev app will get performance issues.

Live Channels

Live Channels: Live Channels app is for Android TV. With the Live Channels app, you can get all the daily updates from different categories like news, sports, movies, and more. The news you get from the app will differ from location and your preferences.

Google Apps List

Google Play Movies & TV (Google TV): In Google Play Movies & TV, you can buy or rent popular movies and series. The app is integrated with Google Play. The movies or series you buy or rent from Google Play will be available here. The app was renamed Google TV.


Grasshopper: With the current trend with computers and PCs, everyone needs to know to code. The Grasshopper is the best way to learn to code for beginners. In Grasshopper, you will get to learn JavaScript from scratch with puzzles and games.

Google Apps List

Google Arts & Culture: Google Arts & Culture app is the place where tech meets arts & culture. In the Google Arts & Culture app, you will get to know about more than 2,000 cultural institutions from 80 different countries.

Google Apps List

Google Admin: If you are a user of Google Cloud services, Google Admin is the must-have app for you. With the Google Admin app, you can manage all the Google Cloud services like G Suite Basic and G Suite Business in one place.

Google Apps List

Google Cloud Console: With the Google Cloud Console app, you can monitor and analyze the services that are active on Google Cloud. You can check billing status, create your own custom dashboard, monitor the compute engine, and more.


Expeditions: Expeditions by Google is a fun and excited way to learn new things. The Expeditions app is a learning tool in which you can go on VR and AR trips to historical landmarks all over the world. As of now, there are more than 800 expedition sites are available.

Google Apps List

Google Shopping: Everyone loves shopping. With the Google Shopping app, you can buy your favorite things directly from Google. Like all the shopping app, Google Shopping also provides simple returns, 7-days customer support, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Analytics: If you are running any websites, Google Analytics is the best app to track the website with ease. In the Google Analytics app, you can see the live traffic, category of users, compare statistics, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Apps Device Policy: With the Google Apps Device Policy, you can set up your app with Mobile Management. By using the Google Apps Device Policy, you can manage security settings like screen lock, device encryption, and more. Google Apps Device Policy is available on the Play Store and the App Store.


Recorder: Recorder by Google is one of the best apps for Android smartphones. With the Record app, you can seamlessly record any voices, meetings, lectures, and more with crisp quality. You can also get an automated transcript for all your recordings.

Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D: Toontastic 3D is the perfect app for your anime creations. The app is for kids from the age group up to 12 years. In the Toontastic 3D app, your kid can draw and color the characters, animate the cartoons, and more.

Google Apps List

Google My Maps: Google My Maps is a miniature version of Google Maps. In the Google My Maps app, you can create new maps for your favorite places, edit the existing maps, save directions to your routine places, and more.


Blogger: If you are into blogging and writing, Blogger is the best app for you. With the Blogger app, you can create and publish your writings on the website. Like WordPress, you can customize the theme, add labels, switch accounts, and more. For blogging people, Blogger is one of the best Google apps on the list.

Google Apps List

Google Play Services for AR: Have any AR apps on your smartphone? Then, the
Google Play Services for AR is a must-have app for you. With the app, you can unlock augmented reality experiences by using ARCore.

Accessibility Scanner

Accessibility Scanner: With the Accessibility Scanner app, you can finetune any of the apps installed on your Android smartphone. By using the app, you can suggest changes to the developers, or you can make changes of your own.

Read Along

Read Along: Read Along app is a reading tutor app developed for children and kids above age 5. As of now, Read Along has nine languages to learn. You can use the Read Along app in offline mode too.

Google Apps List

Android System WebView Dev: Android System WebView Dev is a pre-install app on all Android smartphones. The tool is powered by Chrome. Android System WebView Dev tool is the app that allows other Android apps to display the contents from the internet.

Google Apps List

Google Indic Keyboard: With the Google Indic Keyboard, you can type using your native languages. The keyboard has eleven languages, including Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu. Google Indic Keyboard has Transliteration mode, Handwriting mode, and Native Keyboard mode.

Google Apps List

YouTube Music: For Android TVs, YouTube Music has its own app. With the YouTube Music app on your Andriod TV, you can easily find new music, playlist recommendations, and live performances. As the YouTube Music app is the developer for TVs, the UI is completely different from a smartphone app.

Chrome Canary

Chrome Canary: Like the Chrome Beta app, Chrome Canary is a developing version of the Chrome browser. Chrome Canary gets a new update almost daily to test and run the new features. As Canary is a beta app, it is unstable at times.

Google Apps List

Google Pinyin Input: Google Pinyin Input is a keyboard app optimized for Chinese typing. The keyboard app features a 9-key Pinyin keyboard with gesture typing. You can also get to use a full-screen or half-screen handwriting keyboard.

Data Transfer Tool

Data Transfer Tool: Data Transfer Tool is a life savior app for those who change their smartphone frequently. With the Data Transfer Tool, you can transfer data from your old smartphone to a new one wirelessly. For Pixel smartphones, Data Transfer Tool is pre-installed with the device.

Google Apps List

Google Support Services: Like Live Chat support, Google Support Services is the support platform where you can share your smartphone screen to get personalized tips and solutions. If you have issues with your Android smartphone, you can use the Google Support Service for quick solutions.

Google Apps List

Google Play Console: The complete app monitoring tool for you. If you have any apps uploaded in the Play Store, you can get real-time statistics with the Google Play Console app. You can get to see different parameters like installation count, ratings, reviews, crash tests, and more.


Crowdsource: Crowdsource is the place where you can contribute your services to the Google community. You can do tasks like Audio validation, Translation, Image capture, Handwriting recognition, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Pixel Buds: If you are using Pixel Buds, then you definitely need the Google Pixel Buds app. With the Google Pixel Buds app, you can manage your buds, check battery levels, use and manage touch controls, control the Google assistant, and more.

Google Apps List

Android System WebView: Android System WebView is a back-end application that allows Android apps to display content from the internet. The app makes sure that your Android device is having the latest security update and remove minor bugs.

Action Blocks

Action Blocks: Action Blocks is the shortcut customization tool for your Android smartphone. By using the Action Block app, you can set shortcuts to any task the Google Assistant can do. You can also configure Action Blocks to speak shortcuts.

Google Apps List

Google Japanese Input: Google Japanese Input is one of the discontinued apps. All the features available in the Google Japanese Input are now integrated into the Gboard app. With this, you can easily type Japanese with a rich vocabulary set.

Google Apps List

Google Cloud Search: Google Cloud Search is one of the apps in which only the G Suite users can access. By using Google Cloud Search, you can search for your company’s information and data just like your google this on the internet. You can fetch information about your work, about your colleagues, and more.


Daydream: If your smartphone is Daydream-enabled, then the Daydream app is the must-have app. By using the Daydream app, you can get the VR experience of apps and games. You can explore new worlds, create personal VR cinema, and more. Daydream is one of the must-have Google apps on the list.

YouTube for Android TV

YouTube for Android TV: We all know how popular YouTube is. In the YouTube for Android TV app, you can get to watch all the YouTube videos on your Android Smart TV. You can also access YouTube for Android TV using voice commands.

Android Device Policy

Android Device Policy: With the Android Device Policy app, you can organize your data securely. You can also get to manage security protocols and settings. To get the demo code, you need to use the Android Management Experience app.


Currents: Currents is a G Suite app that allows you to get the latest news and updates from your team. As of now, Currents is only available for G Suite users. As the Currents app is integrated with Google, you can also search for your desired topics. Currents app is available on the Play Store or App Store.

Google Apps List

Google app for Android TV: Google app is the fastest way to browse the internet. With the Google app for Android TV, you can surf the internet with ease on your smart TV. Google app is equipped with voice search too.

Google Apps List

Lookout by Google: As the name suggests, the Lookout app is for visually challenged people. Using the phone’s camera, you can access the surroundings. Apart from scanning your room, you can also sort your mails, scan texts, identify banknotes, and more.

Google Apps List

Google Text-to-Speech: Google Text-to-Speech is a read-out-loud app. By using the Google Text-to-Speech app, you can read aloud your favorite books, translate the words, and more. You can also make use of the TalkBack feature to give voice feedback.

Google Apps List

Google Camera: Google Camera is a modernized camera for your smartphone. With the Google Camera app, you can capture pictures with HDR+, Night Sight, Portrait shots, Super Res Zoom, and more. Google Camera app works only on Pixel smartphones.

YouTube VR

YouTube VR: With the YouTube VR app, you can watch virtual reality videos right from the YouTube app. In your YouTube account, if you have any VR channels or VR videos, you can watch those videos in VR mode and 360° videos.

Cardboard Design Lab

Cardboard Design Lab: If you want to learn VR basics and how to create VR games, Cardboard Design Lab is the best app for you. In the Cardboard Design Lab app, you will learn about UI Depth, Spatial Audio, Gaze Cues, and more.

Google Apps List

Daydream Keyboard: If you have any Daydream apps on your smartphone, the normal Google keyboard on your smartphone won’t work. Daydream Keyboard is an on-screen VR keyboard that is used in Daydream apps and games.

Google Apps List

Android Accessibility Suite: With the Android Accessibility Suite app, you can get to use more Accessibility options on your Android smartphone. You can customize your smartphone with more shortcuts and switches.

Google Apps List

Google Health Studies: As the name suggests, the Google Health Studies app lets you contribute to health researches with various institutions. By using the Google Health Studies app, you can help scientists and researchers to make advancements in healthcare.


VR180: If you have VR180° camera, then the VR180 is the must-have app for you. By using the VR180 app, you can control the VR180 and VR360 cameras right from your smartphone. You can also check the camera battery status, memory status, and more.

Android System WebView Canary

Android System WebView Canary: The canary version of Android System WebView also allows other Android apps to display content from the internet. Android System WebView Canary is a pre-installed app.

Google Apps List

YouTube Music for Chromebook: Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Google-made Chrome OS. For Chrome OS, Google developed some specific apps. YouTube Music for Chromebook is one such app where you can access all YouTube’s music libraries on your Chromebook PC.

ARCore Elements

ARCore Elements: ARCore Elements is the best app to learn the basics of augmented reality. In the ARCore Elements app, you can design environments, create and manipulate VR objects, and more.

Google Apps List

Local Services ads by Google: With the Local Services ads by Google, you can get services for household activities like plumbing, electricals, cleaning, and other related activities. You can also submit your business and get local clients.

Chromecast built-in

Chromecast built-in: Chromecast built-in is more of a plugin than an app. By using the Chromecast built-in app, you can cast media files from your smartphone to other casting devices. Chromecast built-in app is pre-installed in all Google-based smart devices.

Wear OS Phone

Wear OS Phone: Wear OS Phone is one of the must-have apps in the Google Apps list. With the Wear OS Phone app, you can control your smartwatch. By using the Wear OS Phone app, you can make quick replies, make calls using Google Assistant, and more.

Google Apps List

Android TV Data Saver: From the name itself, you will get an idea of what the app is. With the Android TV Data Saver app, you can save data while streaming videos, music, and games. By using the Android TV Data Saver app on your TV, you can save up to 3 times lesser data.

Google Apps List

Google Clips: With the Google Clips app, you can control the Google Clips Camera from your smartphone. In the Google Clips app, you can see what’s on the camera, save or delete clips, see camera status, and more. You can install the Google Clips on the Play Store and the App Store.

Google Apps List

Google Spotlight Stories: If you are a story lover, you will definitely love the Google Spotlight Stories app. With the app, you can watch award-winning stories in VR mode. Google Spotlight Stories is one of the Daydream supported apps.

Google Apps List

Cameos on Google: Cameos by Google is one of the popular apps on the list. Using the Cameos app, you can record short video answers for most-asked questions and post directly on Google. By doing so, you will get featured in Google search results. Cameos on Google app is available on the App Store and the Play Store.

Google Apps List

Digital Wellbeing: With the Digital Wellbeing app, you can monitor and analyze your digital presence. Stats like how frequently you are using social media apps, how many notifications you are receiving, and so on. Digital Wellbeing is one of the must-have Google apps on the list.

Project Baseline

Project Baseline: Project Baseline is a science-based app where you can find and contribute to research studies and scientific discoveries. You will also get the fitness tests like the 6-min walk test, handgrip test, sitting-rising test, and more.

Android TV Launcher

Android TV Launcher: Android TV Launcher is a smart TV app that aligns the icons and apps perfectly on the TV screen. When playing games and watching movies, the placements of the icons and features are decided by the Android TV Launcher app. Android TV Launcher is one of the must-have Google apps on the list for Android TV users.

Google Apps List

Jacquard by Google: With the Jacquard app, you can connect both the physical and digital worlds seamlessly. In the Jacquard app, you can customize gesture controls to specifics tasks like taking a selfie, get notifications for calls and messages, hear the current time, and more.

Screenwise Meter

Screenwise Meter: Screenwise Meter is only for registered panelist users. By using your research panel ID, you can get to know about things like technology usage, how people are using Google products, and resume metering. Like most of the apps, Screenwise Meter is available on the Play Store and App Store.

Google Apps List

Android TV Home: As the Android TV Launcher, Android TV Home is responsible for home screen alignment. Contents like your saved movies, video titles that you have paused, and personal recommendations are finetuned by the Android TV Home and will appear on the home screen.

Material Gallery

Material Gallery: Material Gallery is a collaborative app for teams and groups. In the Material Gallery app, you can submit your designs and get feedback, reviews, corrections from other team members right from your smartphone.

Google Apps List

Pixel Launcher: The next Google app on the list is the Pixel Launcher. For Google Pixel smartphones, Pixel Launcher is the home screen. By using Pixel Launcher, you can customize the swipe actions, app shortcuts, long-press features, and more. Pixel Launcher is one of the must-have apps in Google Pixel smartphones.

Google Apps List

Creative Preview: If you are running Google Ads on smartphones, Creative Preview is a must-have app for you. With the Creative Preview app, you can get a preview of your ads. Creative Preview app is mainly used to test the display orientation of the ads before they are going live. You can install the Creative Preview app from the Play Store or the App Store.

Gmail Go

Gmail Go: Gmail Go is a lighter version of the Gmail app, like Facebook Lite for Facebook. Gmail Go app uses less data, processes your mail quicker, and lesser spam. All your mails will be stored in Google’s free 15 GB cloud storage.

Google Apps List

Google Assistant Go: Like the Gmail Go app, the Google Assistant Go app is the lite version of Google Assistant. When compared to Google Assistant, the Google Assistant Go app is lightweight, fast, and consumes less data.

Google Apps List

Google BrailleBack: The last Google app on the list is the BrailleBack. The BrailleBack app allows you to connect to any Braille device via Bluetooth. By connecting to a Braille device, you can get a braille display, and you can navigate on your smartphone. You can integrate the app with TalkBack to get the voice feature.

This is the full list of Google apps with their functionality. Instead of using third-party party apps, pick a Google-made app that serves you the best from the list. Tell us your must-have list of Google Apps in the comments section below.

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