Google Translate with new transcribe mode for long speeches, lectures

Transcribe Mode to translate long-form speeches.

In the coming days, Google Translate could transcribe lectures or long speeches while translating from one language to another. In San Francisco, the company has displayed the impending features at an event with a trail of their artificial intelligence projects. Earlier, Google launched an interpreter mode designed for conversations, but, this Transcribe mode is for long lectures and speeches. Transcribe mode helps you to take part in other language lectures and even watch movies without subtitles.

The feature works only with an internet connection as the translation takes place on the Google server and not on your devices. It works only on direct audio capturing via the device’s microphone. As mentioned in The Verge, the mode will continuously assess words and translate based on the sentence’s context and punctuations. At first, the translation might be odd, but Google will improve it by swotting from people’s transcriptions.

Currently, CNET states the transcribe mode is being tested in various languages like French, German and Spanish. This new feature can be launched in the upcoming months and as a start, the feature will be initially available for Android devices.

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