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How to Add Apps on Hisense Smart TV

Add your favorite apps on Hisense TV and start streaming contents.

Like smartphones, to use apps on your smart TV, you need to install them from the respective app store. If you have purchased a new Hisense Smart TV, you might need to add apps on it to stream the content or for other purposes. Hisense Smart TV comes with 6 operating systems: Android, Roku, Fire, Google, Vidaa, and XClass. Therefore, the steps to install apps on Hisense Smart TV vary based on the OS.

How to Add Apps on Hisense Roku TV

Hisense Roku TV runs on Roku OS as in streaming devices. You can add apps similar to adding apps from the Roku Channel Store on Roku streaming devices.

(1) On the Home screen of your Hisense Roku TV, select Streaming Channels.

(2) You can see the list of categories such as Featured, New, Popular, and more. Choose the category to get the list of apps, or use the Search Channels option and enter the app’s name.

Apps on Roku OS

(3) Choose the app from the search results you want to add on the right side of the screen.

(4) Select Add Channel button to install on your Hisense Roku TV.

Note: You can see Add Channel only if the channel is free. If it is a paid one, choose Buy $X.XX to purchase and add the channel.

How to Add Apps on Hisense Android TV

Like Android smartphones, you can use the Play Store to install the app on your Hisense Android TV.

(1) On the Home Screen of Hisense Android TV, select Apps.

(2) In the Apps section, select Google Play Store.

Adding applications on Android TV

(3) Like Roku Channel Store, navigate the categories or select Search.

(4) Using the on-screen virtual keyboard, enter the app’s name and search.

(5) Once you find it, select Install to download the app on your Hisense Android TV.

How to Add Apps on Hisense Google TV

Unlike Android or Roku TV, you can add an app on Hisense Google TV by browsing.

(1) Go to the Apps section on your Home screen.

Adding apps on Google TV

(2) Navigate through the categories to browse the apps or select Search to enter the app name.

(3) Select the desired app from the search results.

(4) Finally, select Install to download the app on your Hisense Google TV.

Note: You can press Google Voice Assistant on the remote and use voice to search apps on your Google TV

How to Add Apps on Hisense Fire TV

(1) Select FindSearch on the Home screen using the Fire TV remote.

(2) Using the on-screen virtual keyboard, search for the desired app and select it from the search results.

(3) Next, select Get or Download to install the app.

Adding apps on Fire TV

(4) Once installed, navigate to the Apps section and launch the desired app.

How to Add Apps on Hisense Vidaa TV

(1) Select My Apps on the Home screen and press OK on the remote.

Add apps on Hisense Vidaa TV

(2) Under My Apps, navigate through the apps and select App Store.

(3) Using the Directional pads, switch between the categories and select the desired app.

(4) Next, select Install to add the app to your Hisense Vidaa TV.

How to Add Apps on Hisense XClass TV

Unlike other smart TVs, XClass TV comes with pre-loaded free and premium apps like Tubi, Pluto TV, Peacock, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc. Therefore, you don’t need to add apps on the XClass TV. However, XClass TV adds apps automatically when you update the TV firmware. You can even check the list of apps available on XClass TV.

Apps on Hisense XClass TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I can’t add apps to Hisense Smart TV?

When your smart TV firmware is not updated, or if you have a poor network connection, you can’t add apps to your smart TV. Therefore, try updating your Hisense TV and check the internet speed to install apps.

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