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How to Add Links to Tumblr Bio [2 Methods]

Let your Tumblr followers know about your website/blog by adding the links to your Bio.

Tumblr is a social platform which is used to explore new ideas and discover plenty of interesting things. Like other social media platforms, Tumblr allows you to follow other users and others to follow you. It is just like creating a blog and you can upload photos, GIFs, texts, videos and much more to it. If you own a website or a blog, you can add the link to your Tumblr bio. By adding a link to your Tumblr bio, you can make your website visible to others. Learn how to add links to Tumblr Bio from the below article.

Benefits of Adding Links to Tumblr Bio

Below are the benefits of Adding Links:

  • You can link other social media accounts on your Tumblr bio.
  • It will be easier for your followers to find your website, blogs or other social media links.
  • If you are a Businessperson, then adding a link will help your customers to more about your products.
  • You can add links to provide offers and gain more customers.

How to Add Links on Tumblr Bio Using Smartphone app?

Tumblr app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store and hence you can install it directly.

(1) Open Tumblr app on your Smartphone and login to it.

(2) Click on the “Profile” icon on the bottom of your app.

Tap the Person shape icon

(3) If you have multiple Tumblr blogs, then select the blog for which you want to add the link.

(4) You will find the “Colour Palette” icon between the Search and Settings icon. Click on the “Colour Palette” icon.

Colour Palette option

(5) Click on the “description” option to edit it.

(6) You have to enter the HTML code now. Here is an example:

<a href="">TechOwns</a>

After adding the bio, click on the tick mark on the top of your screen.

How to Add Links to Tumblr Bio

(7) Click on the “Save” button to confirm your action.

How to Add Links to Tumblr Bio

The HTML code will now change into a link. Others can click on the link to visit your blog or website.

How to Add Links to Tumblr Bio

How to Add Links on Tumblr Bio using Web Browser?

If you are using the web version of Tumblr, you can add a link in the bio using the below steps:

(1) Open browser on your PC and go to Login to your account if not logged in.

Login to Tumblr

(2) Click on the “Profile” icon on the top right corner.

(3) If you have multiple blogs, select the blog to which you want to add the link and click on the “Edit appearance” option.

Edit appearance

(4) Under Edit Appearance, click on the “Edit Theme” option.

Edit theme

(5) Now click on the “Description” and start adding the HTML code. Here is an example:

<a href="">TechOwns</a>

(5) Click on the “Save” button to confirm your action.

How to Add Links to Tumblr Bio

The HTML code will turn into a link. Your followers can now access your website from your bio.

Techowns Tip: If you are using Tunblr in a public desktop, then logout Tumblr to protect your account.

Our Opinion

The above are the two methods available to add links on your Tumblr bio. You can follow the second method on all browsers including Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad. Adding the link is one of the best options to let others know about your company and product.

If you have any queries or comments, then tell us in the comment section. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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