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How to Add Location on WhatsApp Status

Share your real-time location on WhatsApp Status by using Google Maps.

WhatsApp launched its status feature on Feb 2017. Since then, we all using WhatsApp to put 24-hrs status with our images and videos. But, have you tried to add a location on WhatsApp Status, or do you think it is possible to add a location on WhatsApp Status? Yes, it is possible, and the following guide will show you the detailed procedure to do the same on Android and iOS devices.

Add Location on WhatsApp Status using Android

(1) Launch the Google Maps app.

(2) Press the GPS icon to get the You are here button.

(3) Tap on the You are here button.

(4) You will get your location with three options. Tap on the Share your location option.

(5) Now, choose the WhatsApp as a sharing medium.

(6) On the next screen, click the My status option and click the Send button.

(7) You will get your location via Google Maps link. When someone in your WhatsApp contact click the link, they will be directed to your location.

Add Location on WhatsApp Status using iPhone

With the Apple-made “Maps” apps, you can’t add your location on the status. You need to install the Google Maps application from the App Store.

(1) Open the Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

(2) Like the Android, tap the You are here button.

(3) A pop-up will be displayed at the bottom. Choose Share your location.

(4) Click More options to get the applications.

(5) Now, choose WhatsApp.

(6) Select the My Status option and click the Next button.

(7) Now, click the Send button to post the status with your location.

Note: Turn on the GPS on both Android & iOS smartphones

To share location on WhatsApp status, Google Maps is the must-have app. Without Google Maps, you can’t share your location as a status. If you have any difficulties regarding this guide, please tell us in the comments section.

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