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How to Advertise on Facebook in the Right Way [in 7 Easy Steps]

A complete guide to Facebook Ads. Grow your business bigger by advertising on Facebook.

Facebook is a mass social media site with over 5 billion downloads. The app is available for free across all the devices. It is not only for maintaining your profile but it can also be used to promote your business using a Facebook marketplace, Facebook page or group. Facebook has an option to promote your business to increase the reach of your page by spending money. The app has plenty of options available to advertise your work or product. Now let us see how to Advertise on Facebook effectively so that it reaches your target audience and garners profit.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are digital ads that will appear on Facebook and let other Facebook users view your product or business while they use the app. In the Facebook app, there are many types of ads available for you to choose from. All the types serve a specific purpose, for instance, Stories Ads will appear on Facebook Stories, Messenger Ads will appear on Messenger app, Playable ads will allow users to play a demo game of the app, Lead ads will give you contact information and much more. You need to be more careful when choosing the type of ads you want.

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How to Advertise on Facebook

To Advertise on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook Business Page. You can’t advertise on Facebook for your own profile. There are certain steps that you want to follow to create an ad on Facebook.

1: Pick your objective

2: Name your Campaign

3: Set up your ad account

4: Make your Target Audience

5: Choose your Ad placements

6: Set the budget and timings

7. Choose the type of ad

1. Pick Your Objective

Advertise on Facebook

On Facebook, there are 11 types of objectives available, each serving a specific purpose. By choosing the objective, you are giving hints to Facebook on what is your ad goal and help Facebook give you the best results. Below is the table that represents different types of ads with a specific purpose.

Ad NameObjective of the Ad
Brand AwarenessShow your ad to a new audience
ReachDisplay your ad to as many people as possible
TrafficGet traffic to your page or site
EngagementTo get more people to take action (likes, comments, buy a product)
App InstallsEncourage the users to install the app
Video ViewsGet more users to view the video
Lead GenerationGet new people into your product
MessagesPush people to contact your business
ConversionsEncourage people to take action (Follow your page or subscribe)
Catalogue SalesLink your Facebook ads to your business product to drive more sales
Store TrafficGet nearby peoples to your business physical location
  • Now, you know what each add will do. Choose the correct type of ad that suits your business.
  • Depending on the ad type you choose, the further steps will slightly vary.

2. Name your Campaign

After choosing the objective, scroll down and enter the name for your Ad Campaign. If you want to perform a test for two ad variable, turn on the Split Test option and choose the variable. Budget optimization option is also available, turn off for now and we will discuss on it later.

Advertise on Facebook

3. Set up your Ad Account

After choosing the name and split test, click the Set Up Ad Account. Here you need to enter information like Country, Currency and Time Zone. Specify the information and click Continue.

Advertise on Facebook

There is no need to specify your own country and time zone. You can choose any country or currency. If you want to choose a different country, you can create another Ad Account.

4. Make your Target Audience

This is the most important thing in Facebook Ads. In this step, you are going to tell Facebook what kind of people will see your ads. Information given in this step plays a vital role in your ad.

Advertise on Facebook

Scroll down to the Audience section. You can also use your old audience if you already used at least once before. If you don’t have, specify the geographic location, age, gender, and language. These things may seem new to you. Experimenting with these variables is the only way to master them. For every information you are entering, keep a look on the right side of the screen, it will give you the potential ad reach.

If you are a master in Facebook Ads, explore the Detailed Targeting, Connections, and many more options.

5. Choose your Ad Placements

Ad Placements are the locations where your ads appear. You have options like Device type (Mobile, Desktop), Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network, Messenger), Placements (feeds, stories, in-stream, search, messages, in-article, apps and sites), Specific mobile devices & operating systems (Android, iOS).

Choose your Ad Placements

You have a preview for all the options. Choose the correct placement that you need and scroll down.

6. Set the Budget and Timings

Budget and timings are the make or break factor for your ads. You need to choose the optimum budget and timings for your ads.

Set the Budget and Timings

Enter your Ad Budget & schedule according to your preference and if you want detailed options, click the Advanced Settings option. When you set all these things, click Continue.

7. Choose the type of Ad

This is the last step to Advertise on Facebook. Enter the Ad name at the top of the page and scroll down.

Choose the type of Ad

Choose the type of ad you want. There will be a preview option at the bottom of the page. After choosing all these options, click Confirm to submit your Ad for approval. Once approved, you will get an email from Facebook stating that your ad has been approved.

Specifications to Advertise on Facebook

To Advertise on Facebook, you need to follow some specifications to get the best results. Even though the format and specification of the Facebook Ads vary with time, you need to know all these specifications.

Ads / SpecsHeadlineLink DescriptionBody TextBest suited for
Image Ads25 characters30 characters125 charactersEverything except video ads
Carousel Ads25 characters20 characters125 charactersEverything except video ads and engagements
Stories AdsNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableTraffic, Messages
Messenger AdsNot ApplicableNot ApplicableNot ApplicableApp installs, traffic, messages
Slideshow Ads 25 characters30 characters125 charactersEverything
Collection Ads25 charactersNot Applicable90 charactersTraffic, Conversion
Instant Experience Ads500 words in each blockNot Applicable Not ApplicableEverything except lead generation
Video Ads25 characters30 characters125 charactersEverything except catalogue sales

Now that you have learned how to advertise on Facebook, go and try it for yourselves. If you want to get the best results from your ads, imagine yourself as a user and think about what might encourage you to click the ads. This is the golden rule to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Ads is like an ocean of things. Learning and mastering all the techniques need a lot of time. Keep experimenting with the ads and become an expert in Facebook Ads.

Comment below your experience posting an advertisement on Facebook along with its results. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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