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How to Appear Offline on Messenger [Smartphone & PC]

If you're too busy to chat your Facebook friends, turn off the active status on Facebook Messenger.

Searching for ways to appear offline on Messenger? You’ve landed in the right place. Messenger is a dedicated app to send messages and make video/audio calls with Facebook contacts. When you’re too busy with other works, you can change your active status from ‘online‘ to ‘offline.’ It will prevent your friends from seeing your profile, and they can chat with you later. Let’s see the procedure to appear offline on Messenger on different platforms.

Steps to Appear Offline on Messenger [Smartphone]

Messenger is available as a standalone app for both Android and iOS devices. If you haven’t downloaded it, get it from the Google Play Store or App Store.

#1 Launch the Messenger app and tap your profile icon located at the top left corner.

#2 Tap the menu which labelled as Active Status.

#3 Slide the toggle which indicates Show when you’re active.

#4 A pop-up will appear on the screen. Tap the ‘Turn off‘ option to appear offline.

How to Appear Offline on Messenger

Now, your friends can’t see you even when you’re online.

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Steps to Appear Offline on Messenger [Web Version]

#1 On your web browser, visit messenger.com and login with your Facebook account.

#2 Tap the three-dot menu icon located next to your profile name.

#3 Choose the Preferences option.

#4 Select the option which labelled as Turn Off Active Status.

How to Appear Offline on Messenger (web version)

#5 Now, you will have three different options to choose from. You can choose to appear offline for

  • All contacts
  • All contacts except few ones
  • Selected contacts (you need to enter the contact name)

#6 Click Okay to complete the process.

How to Appear Offline on Messenger (web version)

Alternatively, you can also turn off active status directly from the Facebook page.

  • Visit facebook.com.
  • Click the messenger icon that you can view on the top right corner.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon and choose Turn Off Active Status.

Steps to Appear Offline on Messenger [Windows 10 App]

Windows 10 users can also download and use Messenger app from the Microsoft Store.

In that case, follow these steps to appear offline.

#1 Launch the app and sign in to your account.

#2 Tap your profile icon on the top left corner and then choose the Preferences menu.

#3 Tap the Active Status menu on the left-side pane.

How to Appear Offline on Messenger (Windows 10)

#4 Toggle the slider located below the Show Active Status option.

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These are the different ways to turn off active status on Facebook messenger. Unlike the web version, the messenger app doesn’t provides option to appear offline only for few contacts.

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