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How to Block a Sound on TikTok App

Block a Sound on TikTok, if it is too annoying.

Key Highlights

  • Block Sound: Sign In → Search for the video → Long Press Not Interested.

TikTok is a popular well-known social media platform. It is used to create, share and discover many short videos from different genres. If you scroll down the app feed and find the sound annoying, you can block the sound on the particular post. However, there is no direct feature available to block a sound on your TikTok account. Instead, you can mark the video as not interested. Based on the algorithm, it will help you to block the particular video that appears on your feed.

How to Block a Sound on TikTok [Android/iPhone]

[1]. Launch the TikTok app on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

[2]. Sign in to your TikTok account if it prompts.

Tips! You can change your TikTok account password to keep your account more safe and secure from the strangers

[3]. Search for the desired video that you want to block the sound.

[4]. Once you find the video, long press on the middle of the video screen.

Long Press on the screen

[5]. You can see the pop-up on the screen with five different options,

  • Save Video
  • Add to Favorites
  • Clear Mode
  • Report
  • Not Interested

[6]. Tap Not Interested from the list of options.

Select Not Interested option

That’s it, the sound has been blocked on your TikTok video, and it removes the video from your feed automatically. Repeat the same steps if you don’t want to see the video associated with the sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you block a sound on TikTok?

Yes, you can block a sound on TikTok. But there is no direct option to do that. You must add the video to the not interesting option. Hence, the video will not appear very often in the future.

2. How to undo Not Interested on TikTok?

Unfortunately, you cannot find the option to undo the Not Interested videos. Therefore, watch the same video and like the video to get more related videos on TikTok.

3. Can you reset the TikTok algorithm to watch new content?

No. Unfortunately, you can’t be able to reset the TikTok algorithm on the app. Instead, you can clear the app cache or follow a new profile for new content.

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