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How to Block Someone on Facebook [2 Simple Methods]

If someone if annoying you on Facebook, block them without any second thought.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms with the most number of users. It allows you to easily connect with your friends and communicate with them. You can add friends on Facebook and share photos, videos, and posts on your Timeline. Your friends on Facebook will be able to like, comment and share your post depending on your privacy settings. If someone is annoying you on Facebook, you can easily block them from viewing your account. By blocking someone, Facebook will prevent that person from messaging you or viewing your Timeline.

Note: By blocking a person on Facebook, He/She will not be able to view your Timeline or message you on Facebook until you unblock them on Facebook.

How to Block Someone on Facebook Mobile App?

You can use Android or iPhone app to block someone on Facebook.

(1) Open the Facebook app on your smartphone (Android or iOS).

(2) Login with your Facebook credentials, if required.

(3) Tap the Search Facebook tab at the top of the app screen.

 Tap search box

(4) Now type the name of the person whom you want to block and tap on the search icon.

(5) List of accounts related to your search will appear, Select the desired person you want to block.

(6) The profile of the person whom you wish to block will open. Click on the “Three-dotted” icon.

Three-dotted menu icon

(7) Tap on the “Block” option from this section.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

(8) Facebook will display the list of things which happens after blocking the person. Click on the “Block” button.

How to Block Someone on Facebook

How to Block Someone on Facebook using FB Website on PC?

If you are using Facebook on a computer or laptop, you can use the Facebook website to block a person.

(1) Open a browser on your computer and go to facebook.com

(2) Login with your Facebook username and password.

(3) Go to the search option and type the name of the person whom you wish to block.

Search for a person

(4) Click on the profile of the person whom you want to block.

(5) On the profile page, click on the “Three-dotted” icon.

(6) A small prompt will open, click on the “Block” option.

Block Someone on Facebook

(7) A Confirm Block pop-up will appear. Click “Confirm” to block that person on your Facebook.

Block Someone on Facebook

Our Opinion

The above are the two different ways of blocking a person from your account. Sometimes, even if you don’t add a person as your friends, they might follow you on Facebook. Blocking helps you from protecting your account from being viewed by such persons. If you have wrongly blocked someone, you can easily unblock them.

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