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How to Bold in Discord in Just a Minute

Customizing the fonts like bolding it or italicizing it are simpler in Discord.

Discord is not a new thing for those gamers around the world. It is the platform that made every other gamer interact with one other gamer. In addition to gamers, Discord is also used by a large number of community users and friends. Discord supports communicating over video, voice and text messages. Further, it is an all-in-one platform where the users can play, plan, stay together. It is also known for organized and open voice channels. In other words, Discord is a highly reliable communication platform to connect with anyone. Besides typing texts, Discord supports formatting them. If it sounds new to you, then the section below covers information about how to bold on Discord and related formatting.

How to Bold in Discord?

While Discord hasn’t made any formatting tools visible, it is still possible to bold words. Here is the procedure.

To bold text in Discord, put the words in between two pair of asterisks (**) at the start and end.

For instance,

  • Input: **This statement will look bold**
  • Output: This statement will look bold

Yes. That’s simple and your text will look bold on Discord.

How to Bold in Discord


In addition to making bold text, Discord supports italicized, underline, bold italicized and strikethrough. Get into to section below to know how to do all them.

To Italicize Text,

Add a single asterisk at the begging and end of the statement.

For instance,

  • Input: *This text will look italicized*
  • Output: This text will look italicized

To Underline Text,

Put two underscores (_) at the start and end of the text.

For example,

  • Input: __This statement is underlined__
  • Output: This statement is underlined

To Strike Through Text,

Insert two tilde symbol (~~) to the left and right of the text.

For example,

  • Input: ~~This statement gets strike through format~~
  • Output: This statement gets strike through format

Learn more on how to (Cross Out ) strike through text on Discord.

To Get Blod Italicized Text,

Use three asterisks (*) at the beginning and end of the text.

For example,

  • Input: ***This statement is bold and italicized***
  • Output: This statement is bold and italicized

You can do that and check it on your Discord server. All the above text formatting options will work and you can change the look of the text with ease.

Do you know any other formatting options in Discord other than that we have listed here? Share it with us using the comments section. For latest updates, follow our Facebook and Twitter page.

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