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How to Cancel Bumble Subscription

Got your perfect match? Here's how to cancel your Bumble subscription.

Key Highlights

  • Android App – Go to the app → Click the Profile iconMy Pay PlanBoost or PremiumCancel Subscription.
  • Online – Click Profile pictureManage your Boost or PremiumUnsubscribe.
  • Play Store – Click the Profile iconPayments & subscriptionsSubscriptionsBumbleCancel Subscription.
  • App Store – SettingsApple IDSubscriptionsBumbleCancel Subscription.

Many users have created an account on Bumble for dating, finding new friends, etc. However, Bumble prioritizes women in accepting a request from men. Though the platform provides many features, some users may get bored or may not get the desired matches even after the subscription. So, before deleting your Bumble account, you need to cancel the subscription service from the platform.

You can cancel the subscription in four different ways.

  • Using Android App
  • Bumble website
  • Google Play Store
  • App Store

Steps to Cancel Bumble Subscription on Android App

If you have subscribed to the Bumble subscription plans (Boost/Premium) using the Credit Card or PayPal on the Android app, you can proceed to delete the subscription.

[1] Launch the Bumble app on your Android device.

[2] Click the Profile icon on the top-left → My Pay PlanBoost or Premium (Choose the plan you have subscribed to)

[3] Finally, tap Cancel to cancel your subscription.

How to Cancel Bumble Subscription on Website

[1] Open your desired web browser and visit the official site of Bumble.

[2] Sign In using Bumble credentials.

Bumble website sign in to cancel subscription

[3] Click the Profile picture on the top left.

[4] It will direct you to the profile page. Click on Manage your Boost or Manage your Premium based on your subscription plan.

[5] You can see the Boost or Premium subscription details page.

[6] Click Unsubscribe below the subscription summary.

How to Cancel Bumble Subscription on Play Store

[1] Go to Google Play Store on your device and tap the profile icon.

Play Store

[2] Tap Payments and SubscriptionsSubscriptions.

[3] Click Bumble and tap Cancel to stop the subscription.

Steps to Cancel Bumble Subscription on iOS

[1] Go to Settings on your iPhone/iPad and click the Apple ID.

Cancel Bumble subscription by Apple ID

[2] Click Subscriptions, find the Bumble subscription, and tap it.

How to Cancel Bumble Subscription - select Subscription

[4] Click Cancel Subscription to discontinue the subscription plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to delete Bumble prompts?

Go to Bumble → Tap Profile iconEdit Profile → Click on any profile prompt → Click Remove to delete prompts on Bumble.

2. How to turn off the Bumble location on Android?

Swipe down the Control Panel, and long press on the Location icon. It will lead you to the Location settings. Go to App Permissions → Click Bumble → Disable location.

3. How to change the location on Bumble?

You can change the location on Bumble in three different methods. They are travel mode, Request changes on location, and third-party apps.

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