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How to Cancel Dazn Subscription on All Devices

Cancel your DAZN subscription when it is not needed anymore.

Key Highlights

  • Browser – DAZN website → Sign InMenuMy AccountAccount SettingsSubscriptionCancel Subscription.
  • Amazon – Tap profile iconMembership & SubscriptionsManage SubscriptionsAdvanced ControlCancel Subscription.
  • Android – Tap profile iconSettingsPayment & SubscriptionSubscriptionCancel Subscription.
  • iOS – Settings → Tap Apple IDSubscriptionsDaznCancel Subscription.
  • Roku – Dazn TileStar buttonManage SubscriptionCancel Subscription.

Dazn is a streaming service that primarily streams sports content to users worldwide. You can stream and watch your favorite sport such as La Liga, Marseille Online, Super League Triathlon, Documentaries, etc. The subscription costs $24.99/month, and there is no free trial on DAZN for new users. If you have subscribed to Dazn, you cancel your subscription anytime, anywhere.

How to Cancel Dazn Subscription

If you are bored with the Dazn Streaming platform, you can cancel its subscription in five different ways.

  1. On browser
  2. On Amazon
  3. On Play Store
  4. On Apple ID
  5. On Roku

Cancelling Dazn Subscription Using Web Browser

1. Open a browser (Mobile or PC) and visit the official website of Dazn.

2. Click Sign in and log in to your Dazn Account.

3. After signing in, click MenuMy Account.

Method to cancel Dazn Subscription

4. Under your Account Settings, click Subscription (On left) → Cancel Subscription.

Click on I still want to Cancel Link

5. On the next page, click I still want to cancel link at the bottom. It will direct you to a page, and click Confirm Cancellation for confirmation.

Alternatively, you can cancel your subscription using the Live chat or the customer service helpline at (402) 517-9087. You can also Pause your Dazn subscription by clicking Go ahead and Pause and give a current unpause date.

How to Cancel Dazn Subscription Using Amazon

1. Login with your Amazon account on your browser or app.

2. Click on your Profile icon Membership and Subscription option from the top-down menu.

Method to Cancel Dazn Subscription using Amazon

3. In the list of subscriptions, select Dazn and click on the Manage Subscription link below the name.

Click Manage subscription Link

4. The link will redirect, and select Advanced Control.

5. After selecting it, follow the on-screen details to cancel your subscription.

Cancelling Dazn Subscription Using Play Store

1. Navigate to the Google Play Store.

2. On the app, select the Profile icon in the top right corner.

3. In the Settings, select Payment & Subscription.

4. Under the Subscription tab, select Dazn from the list of subscriptions.

Click on Cancel Subscription option

5. Next, tap on Cancel Subscription at the bottom.

6. Select a reason for cancellation and click Continue to cancel the subscription.

Cancel Dazn Subscription Using App Store

1. On your iPhone, open Settings.

2. Under Settings, tap the Apple ID at the top.

To Cancel Dazn using iPhone

3. Next, tap Subscriptions.

Click on Cancel Subscription

4. Select Dazn from the list of subscriptions and tap Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen.

How to Cancel Dazn Subscription Using Roku

1. Navigate to the Home screen on Roku.

2. Through the D-pad, select the Dazn tile and press the Start button on your remote.

3. Select Manage Subscription from the list of options.

Roku Settings

4. Select Cancel Subscription and click Cancel Subscription again for confirmation.

Click on Cancel Subscription option

5. A message will display that the user can no longer use it with a mentioned date. Select Done. Finally, you have canceled your subscription successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel a Dazn subscription on Xbox one?

Press the Home button on Xbox Controller → Settings Account Subscription Dazn. Select View and Manage SubscriptionManage and select Cancel Subscription.

2. Is Dazn free?

No. Dazn is a premium subscription; you must pay monthly or annually to stream the content. The price will vary depending on the location you’re residing in.

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