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How to Cancel D&D Beyond Subscription

Cancel the D&D Beyond subscription right from your PC or smartphone.

Key Highlights

  • On the D&D website, sign in to your account and navigate to SubscriptionCancel subscription to stop using the service.
  • If you have used a PayPal account to sign up for the membership, log in to your PayPal account to cancel the membership.
  • Smartphone users can cancel their membership on the Google Play Store and App Store itself.

D&D Beyond is an official collection of tools for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. It’s a companion site for Dungeons & Dragons game that provides digital tools like a digital character sheet, character building, digital compendium, and more. Recently, there’s been a leak on the upcoming update to the OGL (Open Gaming License). Because of that, the OGL proposed several rules and restrictions which may affect the users. After these restrictions, many players are canceling their D&D Beyond subscriptions. However, if you are a D&D Beyond player and want to cancel the subscription, here’s the procedure to cancel it on your PC or smartphone.

How to Cancel D&D Beyond Subscription Via Website

[1] Visit the D&D Beyond website [].

[2] From there, sign in to your D&D Beyond account with user credentials.

[3] Once signed in, click the Subscriptions tab.

[4] Further, click the Cancel Subscription button.

Click Cancel Subscription

[5] After that, you’ll be redirected to another page to cancel your D&D Beyond subscription.

[6] Now, you’ll be asked to give proper feedback for canceling the subscription.

[7] Finally, hit the Cancel Subscription button again to terminate the subscription plan.

Give your feedback and hit Cancel Subscription

[8] After canceling the subscription, navigate to the Market Place tab and make sure the Status is Cancelled.

Navigate to Market Place and view Status

How to Cancel D&D Beyond Subscription Using PayPal

If you have purchased D&D Beyond via PayPal, you have to cancel the subscription on your PayPal account.

[1] Log in to your PayPal account from your desktop and select Settings.

[2] Choose Manage automatic Payments under the Payments tab.

[3] Choose D&D Beyond from the list of available subscriptions.

[3] From there, select Show Active.

[4] After that, click Cancel from the Status section

Hit Cancel to terminate D&D Beyond subscriptions

[5] Finally, proceed to click Cancel Automatic Payments and hit Done.

How to Cancel D&D Beyond Subscription on Smartphone

If you have used a smartphone to sign up for a D&D Beyond subscription, you need to cancel it on the Google Play Store or App Store. You can’t cancel it on the website.

On Android

[1] Open Google Play Store on your smartphone.

[2] Click the Profile icon at the top left and choose the Payments & Subscriptions option.

Click Payments & subscriptions

[3] Under Payments & Subscription, click Subscriptions.

[4] After that, pick D&D Beyond from the list of active plans.

[5] Finally, click Cancel Subscription to cancel the subscription.

Click Cancel Subscription to end the D&D Beyond subscription

On iPhone

[1] Unlock your iPhone and open the Settings app.

[2] After that, click your Apple ID profile at the top.

Click Apple ID profile

[3] Under apple ID, choose Subscriptions from the list of options.

Click Subscriptions to cancel the D&D Beyond subscription

[4] Next, scroll down and choose D&D Beyond from the list of subscriptions.

[5] Further, hit Cancel Subscription to stop the auto-renewal.

Delete D&D Beyond Account

After canceling the membership, you can delete the account if you don’t want to use it anymore. However, there is no direct option on the account settings for deletion. You need to submit a ticket on their official site to delete your account. You must mention the email address, subject, deletion reason, and first & last name on the form. The support team may take a few days to delete your account.

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