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How to Cancel Labour Party Membership

If you no longer feel comfortable under Labour Party, cancel the membership plan and leave the party.

Key Highlights

  • Website: Go to the Labour Party Membership form and complete it to cancel the membership.
  • You can also call or mail the Labour Party customer care to cancel the membership.

If you are a member of the Labour Party and so concerned about its membership, you can cancel it any time you want. The membership is open to people who agree with its aims and values, which are based on social democracy. The Members of the party are entitled to vote in internal elections and to attend meetings, as well as have the opportunity to participate in policy-making processes. In case you no longer feel comfortable being a member, you can cancel the Labour Party membership.

How to Cancel Labour Party Membership [Website]

Canceling a Labour Party membership is quite a complicated process. If you no longer feel that the party’s values and policies align with your own, you can proceed with the below process.

[1] Open a web browser of your choice on your smartphone or PC.

[2] Then, visit the Labour Party Membership website (

[3] From the cancellation page, enter your Name, Email, and Membership Number.

[4] Finally, hit the Submit button.

Hit Submit to cancel the Labour Party membership plan

Within a few working days, Labor Party will send a confirmation mail to your respective email address to confirm your cancellation.

Alternative Way to Cancel Labour Party Membership

Apart from canceling the membership plan via the Labour Party website, there are also alternative ways to terminate the plan with ease.

  • Compose an email directly to Labour Party at [email protected] requesting them to cancel the membership plan by providing the necessary details.
  • Also, you can contact Labour Party customer care at 0044 345 092 2299 from your registered phone number and ask them to cancel the subscription.

What Happens After Canceling Labor Party?

After canceling Labour Party membership, you will no longer be able to vote in international party elections or participate in any of the party’s activities. Depending on the rules of the party, you may also lose the privileges associated with your membership, such as discounts on events or any access to exclusive resources. However, you will not be terminated immediately.

In case you don’t clear the arrears when you get the final reminder after canceling, the membership plan will slip up.

Tip: Cancel your Patreon membership if you are spending too much on a monthly subscription.

Alternative Parties to Join After Leaving Labor Party

After terminating the Labour Party membership plan, you can join the respective parties after reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions insisted on by the individuals.

Conservative Party

The Conservative Party is the center-right political party in the United Kingdom. It has around 172,000 members that won the majority of seats in the House of Commons in 2019. After subscribing to its membership, you can get access to all the features offered by the Conservative Party. This party seeks to uphold traditional values, protecting the Union and the national interest while promoting economic prosperity and social justice.

Liberal Democrat Party

Liberal Democrats are the center-left political party in the United Kingdom which you can join after leaving the Labour Party. It is the third-largest political party in the UK and one of the junior partners in the Coalition Government with the Conserve Party. The party’s core ideology is based on liberalism and social democracy, with a commitment t protecting civil liberties, promoting internationalism, and fighting poverty.

Pricing: £15/annum

Green Party

Green Party is a center-left political party and is a part of the Green Party of England and Wales. The party is committed to green principles and works to promote environmental sustainability, social justice, and progressive politics. This party is opposed to austerity measures, which they believe have caused an increase in poverty and inequality in the UK. Moreover, if you’re a person who loves green society, you can join the Green Party for sure.

Pricing: Standard Rate – £40/annum & £3.33/month | Reduced Rate – £13/annum | Concessionary Rate – £6/annum.


1. Who is the current Labour Party leader?

Keir Starmer is the current leader, who was elected on 4th April 2020.

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