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How to Cancel Match (.com) Subscription

If you are no longer using, you can cancel it to avoid being charged automatically.

Match is one of the successful dating sites available right now. But the dating sites like Match are never meant to be permanent. When you got your match, there is no need to use the app. As the Match subscription works on auto-renewal mode, you need to cancel it to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle. Like major subscription platforms, you can cancel Match subscription only from its website ( Even if you try to cancel the Match subscription via the smartphone app, it will redirect you to the website.

Cancel Match

How to Cancel Match Subscription

(1) On your web browser, go to the Match website.

Match website

(2) Sign in with your subscribed account.

(3) Click the Profile icon on the top right corner and choose My account settings option.

(4) On your Accounts page, click the Manage my subscription option.

(5) For confirmation, it will ask your login credentials. Enter them and click the Continue the cancellation button.

(6) Now, you will be asked some questions regarding your cancellation. Specify the reason for cancellation and answer the questions.

Cancel Match

(7) After that, you will get the Cancellation confirmed screen. Click the Return button.

(8) It will redirect you to the Manage my subscription page. You can see the end date of your subscription. You will also get a confirmation mail stating the same.

How to Delete Match Account

After cancelling your Match subscription, you can delete your Match account to remove all the personal data.

(1) Click the Suspend your account on the My account settings window.

(2) Now, click the Cancel your account, click here button.

(3) Then you will be asked to choose from two options.

  • Suspending – It will allow you to activate your account in the near future.
  • Delete – It will delete your Match profile once and for all.

(4) Choose the Delete option.

If you have purchased the Match subscription via iTunes or Play Store, you need to cancel the subscription on the respective platforms. Here is our guide to canceling subscription from iTunes.

These are the steps involved to cancel the subscription. Cancel your subscription 48 hrs before the next renewal to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle. You won’t get any refund from Match. Instead. you can use the subscription privileges till the end of the billing cycle.

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