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How to Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription? [On Any Device]

Want to cancel your Pandora Subscription? Let us see how easily to do it from any of your devices.

Pandora is a new way to listen to music, podcasts, and favorite Radio station. It is a powerful music discovery platform that contains a huge catalog of soundtracks and further allows you to create your own library with your favorites. The basic radio streaming is completely free on Pandora and one can create a maximum of up to 100 radio stations without billing. But the free version comes with ads. It also has unlimited skips, offline listening, and many more, so you can enjoy music according to your taste. The notable drawback of Pandora is that you can only play it in a limited number of countries including, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia. If you are residing in any other country or for any such reason, if you want to cancel your Pandora premium subscription, let us see how to do it.

Ways to Cancel Pandora Subscription

Before you end your Pandora subscription you will need to check the method of payment. The cancellation of your subscription entirely depends on your vendor. Because to cancel your premium subscription you have to use the same platform you used to buy Pandora. You can stop Pandora premium on different platforms including Android, Google Play Website, Pandora website, iOS, Amazon, and Roku.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription on Android

#1: Open the Google Play Store app on your android device.

#2: Find the Hamberger icon (three-line icon) located on the top left corner of the app screen.

Tap Hamberger icon

#3: Now you will see a list of Google Play options, tap Subscriptions option.

Select Subscriptions

#4: A next screen will appear with all your subscription details along with Pandora premium subscription.

#5: Select Pandora from the subscription screen.

#6: Finally tap Cancel Subscription from the billing screen.

#7: Then confirm your cancellation when prompted.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription from Google Play Store Website

The above method is applicable only for android mobiles and tablets. You can also cancel your subscription from the Google Play Store website.

#1: Open the web browser on your computer.

#2: Locate to address bar and visit

#3: Sign in with your Google account.

#4: Click My Subscriptions option from the left side menu.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription

#5: A very next screen displays all your subscriptions, here you need to select Pandora subscription.

#6: Then click Manage option from Pandora subscription page.

#7: Under manage, select Cancel subscription to end up your Pandora membership.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription from Pandora Website

#1: Open any browser on Windows or Mac computer/laptop.

#2: Visit the Pandora official website (

#3: Next, login to Pandora website using your login credentials.

#4: When the Pandora home page appears on your screen, click on your profile icon at the top right corner of the page.

#5: A drop-down menu will appear on the screen. Click the Settings option.

#6: Under settings, click Subscription option.

#7: Select Switch Plans option and it will take you to your Pandora subscription details page.

#8: Here locate Cancel Subscription option and select it.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription

#9: A next window will ask you to enter your Pandora login password. Enter your password and then click submit.

Note: If you want to terminate the Pandora account, click the additional options, and follow the onscreen procedure to complete the process.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription on iOS

If you are using the Pandora app on the iPhone or iPad, you can cancel your subscription directly from iTunes.

#1: Open the settings app on your iOS device.

#2: Next tap your Name or Apple ID at the top of the screen.

Tap on Name

#3: Now locate the Subscriptions option and tap on it.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription

#4: A very next screen will appear with all your iTunes subscriptions including Pandora premium details.

#5:Select Pandora from the subscription screen.

#6: Finally tap Cancel Subscription, followed by Confirm.

That’s it, your Pandora subscription has come to an end.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription from Amazon

If you had subscribed to Pandora through the Amazon account, you will need to cancel it from the same Amazon account. And you cannot cancel it from elsewhere.

#1: Go to your device home screen and select Apps.

#2: Under Apps section select Store option.

#3: Look for My Subscriptions option and select it.

#4: My Subscription page appears with all your Subscription and you need to select Pandora.

#5: Then locate to Auto-renewal option and turn it off to deactivate your Pandora premium.

That’s it, Pandora will never charge you after the current billing period.

Cancel Pandora Premium Subscription from Roku

Like Amazon, if you had subscribed to Pandora through Roku, you can only cancel it form Roku.

#1: Launch the Roku streaming player and go to home screen.

#2: Search for and open the Pandora App.

#3: Once the Pandora app is opened, press the Options button on the Roku remote.

Press Option Button

#4: A pop-up menu will appear on the screen, select Manage Subscriptions option.

#5: Finally tap Cancel subscription to take a break from Pandora on Roku.

To Conclude

You can choose the corresponding method to cancel your Pandora Premium subscription. No platform supports ending subscriptions made from other platforms, so you have to cancel the subscription from the same account itself. Once the subscription is canceled, you are no longer billed and at the same time, it doesn’t affect the existing subscription. You can enjoy the Pandora Premium benefits until the end of the current billing date.

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