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How To Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

Not Using Paramount Plus? Cancel the subscription on any devices.

There are a lot of streaming services available today. With that, we tend to subscribe to many streaming platforms and end up using only a few. For the rest, we need to cancel the subscription. Some of the streaming platforms are equipped with auto-renewal. So, we need to manually unsubscribe the plans that we are not using. If you feel that your Paramount Plus subscription is unused, you can cancel it anytime you want.

Ways to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

The steps to cancel the Paramount+ subscription vary depending on how you subscribed to Paramount+. Based on where you subscribed to Paramount+, choose any one of the below methods.

  • From the Website
  • Using Android Smartphones
  • From iPhone or iPad
  • Using Apple TV
  • From Roku devices
  • Through Fire TV

How to Cancel Paramount Plus From The Website

[1] Go to the Paramount Plus website.

[2] Click the Sign In button and log in with your credentials.

Paramount Plus Sign In

[3] Now, choose Account.

[4] Select Cancel Subscription from the account.

How To Cancel Paramount Plus from iPhone or iPad

[1] Go to Settings on your iOS device.

[2] Click on the Profile icon (where your picture and name appear).

[3] Select Subscriptions and navigate to Paramount Plus. If the Subscription is not there, click iTunes & App Store and tap View Apple ID. Then, choose Subscriptions.

Cancel Paramount+ through iPhone

[4] Click on Cancel Subscription and finally tap Confirm. If there is no Cancel Subscription button, then the subscription is expired or canceled beforehand.

You can also check our guide on how to cancel subscriptions on iPhones.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus From Apple TV

[1] Open Settings.

[2] Go to Users & Accounts and then select your account.

Cancel Paramount+ from Apple TV

[3] Navigate to Subscription and choose Paramount Plus.

[4] Select the Cancel Subscription button.

How to Cancel Paramount+ From Android Smartphones

[1] Go to Google Play Store app from your smartphone.

[2] Click on your Account in the top-right corner.

[3] Select Payments & Subscriptions.

[4] Now, choose Subscription and select Paramount Plus.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

[5] Select Cancel Subscription and confirm it.

How To Cancel Paramount Plus From Roku

[1] Go to the home screen on your Roku device.

[2] Select Paramount Plus channel.

[3] Now, on your Roku remote, press the * (star) key.

[4] Click on Manage Subscription.

[5] Choose Cancel Subscription.

Steps To Cancel Paramount+ Through Amazon Fire TV

[1] Go to the Amazon website.

[2] Navigate to Your Memberships and Subscriptions.

[2] Choose Manage Subscription and then select Manage Your Prime Video Channels.

Go to your channels from manage your prime video channels

[3] Click on Cancel Subscription next to Paramount Plus.

[5] Tap Confirm if it asks for confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you cancel Paramount Plus during a free trial?

Yes, you can cancel the Paramount+ subscription during its free trial of seven days. If you don’t cancel the subscription on a free trial, it will be automatically changed to a monthly subscription.

2. What’s the refund policy for Paramount+?

There is no refund policy offered by Paramount+. If you cancel the subscription before it expires, you will still have access to the content for the remaining time period.

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