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How to Cancel Six Flags Membership

Moving to a new location or don't want to be a member anymore, cancel Six Flags immediately.

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, popularly Known as Six Flags or Six Flags Theme Parks, is situated in Texas. It owns 26 parks like Theme Park, Amusement Park, Water Parks in Mexico, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Six Flags provides you membership, which you can use to go and enjoy their amusements and stuffs whenever you wanted. You can also cancel Six Flags Membership when decided not to use their service.

Six Flags

Six Flags Membership Benefits

You can subscribe to any one of the memberships that you want. Two types of membership are available: Monthly and Seasonal. Monthly Memberships offers you unlimited Visits with 50+ Benefits, including Parking, Food and beverage discounts, etc., The following are some of the Monthly Membership Plan.

  • Gold – $6.49
  • Platinum – $8.99
  • Diamond – $11.99
  • Diamond Elite – $17.99

To Know More about Six Flags Membership Plans.

Six Flags Membership Plans

Other than that, they are also offering Seasonal Benefits Plan. It is Annual Plan which classified into followings:

  • Gold – $200
  • Platinum – $275
  • Diamond – $350
  • Diamond Elite – $490
Season Pass Six Flags

Visit this support page to know the benefits of each one.

Cancel Six Flags Membership

One can cancel the Six Flags member on fulfilling the following conditions.

  • You have to be a member for at least 12 months only. Or else you need to pay Termination Fee for the remaining terms amounting minimum to $10.
  • The cancellation request can be made 60 days prior to the one-year completion date of your initial purchase. For Instance: A membership that has an anniversary on July 31st cancellation, request could be submitted on May 1st.
Cancel Six Flags Membership
  • If your next billing is on Aug 1st, you need to submit the cancellation request two weeks before July 15th.
  • Make sure to have a membership confirmation account number.
  • If you have pending due payments, you need to pay the complete those payments. After 24 hours, you can submit a cancellation request.

Cancel Six Flags Membership – Procedure

Step One: Open Six Flag Cancellation Page.

Login to Cancel Six Flags Membership

Step Two: Type your Account Number and Last Name in the respective boxes.

Step Three: Lookup for Confirmation ID and enter the OTP.

Step Four: Click or Tap Begin Cancellation and follow the onscreen instructions. If all the criteria meet, then you will receive a Cancellation initiation message.

Cancellation Complete

Step Five: After or within 48 Hours, you will receive a cancellation confirmation message. Click Cancel Account to confirm the cancellation.

Cancellation Confirmation - Cancel Six Flags Membership

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Final Words

Tickets, season passes, or any other purchases are not refundable in Six Flags. You need to utilize the benefits for the remaining days. Before applying for cancellation, make sure that it’s your account. We advise you not to go for cancellation. Instead, you can pause the membership, which would be more feasible. The procedures and conditions may change.

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