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How to Cancel Soundcloud Go Subscription

Don't want to use SoundCloud anymore? Cancel the subscription to avoid auto-debit.

Soundcloud is an audio streaming app that lets you listen to and upload audio content online. Soundcloud users can stream audio content like podcasts, share music, listen to audiobooks, etc. With Soundcloud paid subscription, you can listen to music ad-free and offline. Currently, there are three subscription plans available on SoundCloud: Basic (free), Go ($4.99/month), and Go+ ($9.99/month). If you’re not interested in using the SoundCloud service, cancel your subscription before switching to other services like Spotify.

Like other music streaming services, you can sign up for SoundCloud Go or Go+ on its official website or Android/iPhone app. Hence, the cancellation steps will vary depending on the signup method.

  1. On Official Website
  2. On iPhone
  3. On iTunes App
  4. On Android

Note – Deleting the SoundCloud app will not cancel the subscription associated with it.

Cancel SoundCloud Go or Go+ Subscription on Website

1: In your web browser, visit the Soundcloud website.

2: On the top, you can see a Sign in option. Click that and enter your login credentials.

3: After logging in, you can see a three-dotted menu in the top right corner. Click on it.

4: Select Subscription.

5: Select the Edit option located next to the next subscription plan.

To Cancel your Soundcloud subscription using Soundcloud Website

6: Select the Ppt-out of your subscription renewal option.

7: Select the Confirm & Cancel option. It will cancel your premium subscription by activating the free plan.

Cancel Soundcloud Subscription

Cancel SoundCloud Go or Go+ Subscription on iPhone [App Store]

1: Open the iPhone Settings app.

2: Select your Apple ID on the top of the screen.

3: Select the Subscriptions menu.

Choose Subscriptions

4: Select your SoundCloud subscription,

5: Click on Cancel Subscription and follow the on-screen prompts.

Cancel SoundCloud Go or Go Plus Subscription on iTunes

1: Launch the iTunes app on Windows or Mac.

2: Select the Account menu on the top.

Choose View My Account

3: Select the View My Account option and enter your password for verification.

4: Scroll down to the Settings section and click on the Manage option next to the Subscriptions.

How to Cancel Soundcloud Go Subscription

5: Click on the Edit option located next to the SoundCloud Go subscription.

6: Click Cancel Subscription to finalize the process.

Cancel SoundCloud Go or Go+ Subscription on Android [Google Play Store]

1: Open the Play Store on your device.

Cancel Soundcloud plan using Play Store

2: Tap your profile and click the Payments and Subscriptions option.

3: Select Subscriptions and choose the Soundcloud Go subscription.

4: Click Cancel Subscription and follow the on-screen prompts.


After canceling the subscription, you can continue using it till the end of the billing period. At the same time, SoundCloud will not offer any refund after canceling the subscription.

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