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How to Cancel Tidal Subscription on Website and Mobile

All music services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, and much more have the same features, choices, and quality. Whereas, Tidal broke this and came up with high-quality music where the artists will take complete control. Tidal is a music streaming service with over 60 million+ songs depending on the subscription. If you’re not satisfied with Tidal and decided to move to other music streaming services, you need to cancel the subscription or free trial to avoid being charged automatically.

It has two types of subscriptions: “Premium” ($10/month) and “HiFi” ($20/month). The difference between the two versions is that Hifi offers higher quality music than Premium. Also, it comes up with one month of a free trial. But, when you lose interest in music and stuff, you can always cancel the subscription at any time.

How to Cancel Tidal Subscription using Browser

Step 1: Launch a browser and visit Login to tidal by providing the required details.

Login to Tidal account

Step 2: After signing in, navigate to the Subscription menu and select it.

Go to Subscription

Step 3: Select the Manage subscription tab.

Manage subscription

Step 4: Under your subscription, click Cancel my subscription.

Click cancel Subscription

Step 5: The confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Subscription is cancelled

Cancel Tidal Subscription on Mobile app

The following method is applicable only if you have purchased the premium service inside the Tidal app.

Step 1: Launch the Tidal app on your Android or iOS device and login to your account.

Step 2: Select the My Collection menu.

Step 3: Click the Settings icon and tap your Account icon.

Step 4: Scroll down and select Manage Subscription.

Step 5: Select Subscription.

Step 6: Select Cancel My Subscription and confirm the process.


If you have purchased the Tidal subscription via Google Play or iTunes, you need to cancel the subscription on iTunes (iPhone and iPad) and Google Play Store (Android devices). Or, if you have opted for the service via third-party providers like mobile operators, you need to contact them form cancellation.

Our Opinion

Subscriptions will renew automatically if you haven’t canceled the service. Moreover, Tidal will not offer any refund once the amount has been charged. Hence, make sure to cancel at the right time. After canceling the service, you can continue using the service until the billing date.

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