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How to Cancel TradingView Subscription

Cancel TradingView Subscription when you decide to stop using service.

Key Highlights

  • Browser: Visit → Account icon → Account and BillingCancel Auto RenewalContinue to Cancel → Choose a reason → Yes, Cancel me.
  • Android: Open Play Store → Profile iconPayments and SubscriptionsSubscriptionsTradingViewCancel Subscription.
  • iPhone: Open App Store → Profile iconSubscriptionsTradingViewCancel Subscription.

TradingView is a technical analysis tool for investors and traders. It offers many features for its users with the basic free version. But if you want to access the additional features, you need to get the premium features. The subscription will be auto-renewed every month. If you are unsatisfied with the features of TradingView, you need to cancel its subscription manually. Deleting the TradingView app from your mobile will not cancel the subscription.

How to Cancel TradingView Subscription Using a Browser

1. Open a web browser and visit

2. Log in to your account and tap on your profile icon.

3. Tap on the Account and Billing option.

How to cancel TradingView Subscription

4. Go to the My Plan section and tap the Cancel auto renewal button. If you have opted for a free trial on TradingView, tap on the Cancel trial button.

5. On the next page, tap the Continue to Cancel option.

How to cancel TradingView Subscription

6. Choose a reason for cancellation and click on Continue to cancel.

How to cancel TradingView Subscription

7. On the next page, tap the Yes, cancel me button.

How to cancel TradingView Subscription

How to Cancel TradingView Subscription on Android & iPhone

Those who signed up for TradingView via the mobile app on Android & iPhone must cancel the service within the app store of the device.

Google Play Store [Android]

  • Open Google Play Store and tap the Profile Picture.
  • Choose Payments & subscriptionsSubscriptions.
  • Select TradingView and tap on the Cancel Subscription option.
Payments and subscriptions on Play Store

App Store [iPhone]

  • Open App Store and tap the profile icon.
  • Choose SubscriptionsTradingView.
  • Select the Cancel Subscription button.
Subscriptions menu on App Store

Does TradingView Offer Refunds?

No. TradingView didn’t offer refunds when you canceled the subscription. Instead, you can enjoy the benefits of a TradingView premium subscription till the end of the billing date.

Tips! You can enable dark mode on TradingView when you want to analyze the trades in low-light conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to deactivate a TradingView account?

To delete or deactivate your TradingView account,
1. Log into your account on a web browser.
2. Tap on your profile icon → Profile settingsAccount Deletion.
Your account will be deleted after 30 days.

Can I pay my TradingView without a credit card?

Yes. Apart from credit cards, TradingView also accepts Visa and MasterCard debit cards. Or, you can use Google Play or Apple payments on your mobile to sign up for TradingView.

Can you pause the TradingView subscription?

If you purchased your TradingView subscription via the Android app, you could pause the subscription.

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