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How to Cancel WoW (World of Warcraft) Subscription Easily

It's never late to cancel your WoW subscription when you find it too costly or if you had found a better game.

WoW or World of Warcraft (WoW) is one among the most played MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game). It is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and it released it as the fourth game set of Warcraft fantasy universe. If you find the subscription pricey or you if you had found a new MMORPG, you should cancel the WoW subscription to stop the auto-renewal. If you find any difficulty, then this section will guide you on how to cancel the WoW subscription in a better way.

The WoW gameplay takes place in the world of Azeroth and played in a third or first-person perspective. The player of WoW has to control the character avatar and explore landscapes, complete quests, fight against monsters, and interact with non-player characters. Like most MMORPG gameplay, WoW also requires players to opt for the subscription after the free trial to unlock features.

How to Cancel WoW Subscription?

Follow the step-by-step procedure to end your WoW Subscription at any time.

(1). Visit using the address bar.

(2). Enter the necessary details to login to your Blizzard account.

(3). Select Manage besides the account that you want to cancel.

(4). Tap on Cancel Subscription and with this, your WoW subscription will end.


(1). Open the browser and visit

(2). Login to your Battle net account.

Login to Battle Net Account-How to Cancel WoW Subscription
Login to Battle Net Account

(3). Navigate to the World of Warcraft License to click on Manage option.

(4). Select Cancel Game Subscription to end your membership.

Try This Way!

If you find any issues with cancelling the WoW subscription using the above methods, then you can contact the customer support. Click on the link to report the issue. Provide a description and click on Continue button.

WoW Support Page-How to Cancel WoW Subscription
WoW Support Page

Otherwise, you can contact the World of Warcraft through customer care number 800-592-5499.

Our Opinion

That’s all about canceling World of Warcraft subscription. Whether you have opted to one, three, or six-month plan, you should cancel the subscription when you decide not to use it. If you have canceled the subscription before the expiration, you cannot get your money back but you can still play the games until the end of the current subscription period.

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