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How to Change Activity Goals on Apple Watch

Check if you can manually change or update your move, exercise and stand goals on watchOS.

Apple Watch isn’t yet another normal wearable device. It has features that one cannot imagine when it comes to monitoring one’s own health. It comes with a built-in Activity app. It will help you track your daily exercises and movements effortlessly. The Activity app has three rings that measure your Move (red ring), Exercise (green ring), and Stand (blue ring). With the move ring, you will be able to calculate the calories that you burned. The Exercise ring will show you the brisk activity that you have finished so far. Finally, the Stand ring shows the duration you have stood and moved. With Apple Watch, you can better calculate your steps covered, calories burnt, etc. Fortunately, or unfortunately, Apple Watch doesn’t let you change some of the goals for better health results. You will get a clear picture of it and a detailed guide on how to change activity goals on the Apple Watch. At the end of this article, you will also know which Activity goals cannot be changed on Apple Watch.

How to Change Goals on Apple Watch (Exercise, Move, Steps, Activity, calories)

With the Activity on Apple Watch, you can change your goals for different health and lifestyle activities.

Change Apple Watch Goals for Move

(1). Go to the Activity app on your Apple Watch.

(2). Firmly press the Activity rings.

(3). Select Change Move Goal.

(4). You can either increase or decrease to update your goal using on-screen buttons or Digital Crown.

(5). Select the Update button.

Press Update to Change Goals on Apple Watch
Press Update

Note: Changing goals on Apple Watch for Calories is the same as that of Move goals.

Change Apple Watch Goals for Exercise

Currently, you cannot change the Apple Watch exercise goal, whether you are sick or want to reset. But, you can change the way you close the Exercise ring on those days you want to skip.

(1). Open the Workout app on your watchOS.

(2). Select Other or Mind & Body option.

Adjust Exercise Goal on Apple Watch
Adjust Exercise Goal

Note: If you don’t find, then swipe or scroll to the bottom to choose Add Workout.

(3). Select Other to choose to replace your exercise with something else. For instance, Martial arts, Mixed Cardio, Mind & Body, etc.

Change Stand Goals on Apple Watch

Unfortunately, Apple Watch doesn’t let you change your Stand or Roll goal just like the Exercise goal. In other words, it is fixed or permanent. Thus you have to stand and move for at least a minute during 12 different hours of the day to close this ring.

Our Opinion

Just like monitoring the health activity, you can change the Move on the Apple watch. It is evident that stand and exercise goals cannot be changed. For now, only the exercise goals can be adjusted while the Stand goal cannot be changed.

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