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How To Change Apple ID on Apple Watch [Step By Step]

If you are no longer using your old Apple ID, then you can easily change it on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch, developed by Apple Inc, is a Wearable device. It has integrated with Apple iOS products and services integrated into it. It keeps us updated and notifies us on all our activities without looking at our phone. They operate only with iPhones and do functions such as texting, make calls, hearing music, and syncing data with iPhone apps by linking your Apple ID. You can also change Apple ID on the Apple Watch which will be explained in the upcoming passage.

Need to Change Apple ID in Apple Watch

Apple Watch connects with your iPhone using Apple ID. You need to change Apple ID when you are no going to use or someone else using it, or else you will get notifications and all details from the iPhone which has the Apple ID. To change your Apple ID follow the upcoming steps:

How to Change Apple ID in Apple watch?

Steps to do on iPhone

(1) Open settings in your iPhone.

Settings - How To Change Apple ID on Apple Watch

(2) Under settings click on the Messages.


(3) Click on send or receive.

Send & receive

(4) Now tap on your Apple ID, it will display some options.

Apple id - How To Change Apple ID on Apple Watch

(5) Click on logout, so that you will be logged out from the imessage.

Sign out - How To Change Apple ID on Apple Watch

(6) Now login to your iMessages with new Apple ID account.

Step to do on Apple Watch

(7) Do a hard reboot in your Apple Watch.

Hard reboot - How To Change Apple ID on Apple Watch

Tips: Hard reboot – By holding the crown button and the other button at the same time.

(8) Now reset your Apple watch and start over from the beginning by starting to pairing with Apple Watch app

Install the app

(9) Now pair Apple Watch with your iPhone having new Apple ID.

Pair device - How To Change Apple ID on Apple Watch

(10) It will detect the new Apple ID and get changed to it.

This is how you need to change your Apple ID in your Apple watch. Let us know what you think about this article in the comment section below.

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