How to Change Font on Twitter Tweets and Bio

Use customized fonts for your tweets and make your Twitter profile unique.

Every social media platform has its own features and tools to make the platform unique. On Twitter, there are a lot of hidden tools that most of us are not aware of. You can change the font on Twitter. Not the font of the name of the option, you can change the font of your tweet. By using different fonts on your Twitter account will make your profile unique.

Twitter was launched on March 21, 2006. Though it was 14 years old, there is no tool to change the fonts on Twitter. If you want to use different fonts on Twitter, you need to use a third-party tool called LingoJam. It is a font generator tool. In the tool, you can choose from a variety of fonts for your tweets.

How to Change Font on Twitter using LingoJam?

The below steps involved copy-paste operation and switching from multiple tabs. We advise you to use a PC for better navigation. You can do the same on smartphones too but you need to manage more tabs.

(1) Open any of the web browsers on your PC and go to the LingoJam website.

(2) You will get the below webpage. Type your tweet on the Normal text goes here… screen.


(3) Simultaneously, you will get your tweet in different fonts on the And Twitter fonts will appear here… screen.

(4) Scroll down to explore all the fonts. Choose the desired font.

(5) Select the font that you want to use on your Twitter tweet. Copy the font (Ctrl + C or Command +C).

Change Font on Twitter

(6) Paste the tweet on your Twitter profile. The tweet will be pasted on the customized font.

Change Font on Twitter

(7) Click the Tweet button to post your tweet with the customized font.

If you are a creative person, you can also create your own font on the LingoJam website. Click the Desing Your Own Font button on the bottom of the screen.

Change Font on Twitter

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This is the only that you can change the font on Twitter. Use more customized fonts for your tweets and make your Twitter profile stand out from others. Comment your favorite font in the comments section below.

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