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How to Change Font Size on Gmail in Two Ways

Gmail users can easily customize or change the default text formatting options for the mails.

Gmail is Google’s free email service used by people worldwide to send and receive mails over the internet. Google offers various customization options for its users. Changing the font size, color, and style is one of the rare features that let you customize the mail according to your convenience. If you’re a new user of Gmail, here are the ways to change font size, color, and style.

How to Change Font and its Size on Gmail

There are two ways to change the font style and size on Gmail. Either you can configure the settings to use a default font & size or change the preferences manually while composing the message. Let’s discuss both the methods in detail.

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Change Gmail’s Default Text Settings

You can configure Gmail to use a default font, size, and color while composing email messages.

#1 Visit and login to your Google account.

#2 Tap the Settings icon and select See all settings.

#3 Under the General section, navigate to Default text style menu.

How to Change Font Size on Gmail

#4 Now, choose the font style, size and color that you want.

Font: San Serif, Serif, Fixed Width, Wide, Narrow, Comic Sans MS, Garamond, Georgia, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana.

Change Font Style

Size: Small, Normal, Large, Huge.

How to Change Font Size on Gmail

Use Formatting Options in the Compose Bar

#1 After logging into your Gmail account, click the + Compose icon on the top left corner.

#2 Just below the composition area, you will have the formatting options.

#3 By clicking the drop-down icon next to the font name, you will have options to choose the font style.

Customise the font style

#4 If you want to change the font size for your Gmail, click the drop-down icon next to the T icon.

Customise the Font Size

#5 You can also adjust the weight of the font by choosing the options: B (Bold), I (Italic), and U (Underline). These options will help you to highlight the important part of the message.

#6 If you want to change the font color on Gmail, click the drop-down icon located next to A. It will present options to change the text color and the background color of the text.

Change the colour

Note: If you have pre-configured a font setting, you can remove it easily by clicking the drop-down icon at the right corner and then choosing the Remove Formatting Icon option (marked with T).

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Remove the Default Format Options

These are simple and straightforward ways to change your Gmail’s font style, size, and color. Customize these options and make your message more appealing.

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