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How to Change Profile Picture on Messenger App

Only way to change your Messenger profile picture is by updating the Facebook profile picture.

Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging app for Android and iOS devices. By linking your Facebook account, you can chat with all your Facebook friends. Apart from messaging, you can share photos, videos, recorded audios, and more. You can also use Facebook Messenger as a default messaging app to send and receive messages with the phone book contacts. By default, the messenger will import the profile picture from your Facebook account. However, some of the Facebook users are searching for ways to change the profile picture on Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Is it possible to change? The answer is yes. However, you can’t change the profile picture for messenger alone. By changing your Facebook profile picture, the messenger profile will be updated automatically. At the same time, you can’t use the Messenger app without a Facebook account. So it is impossible to change the profile picture on messenger without Facebook.

Steps to Change Profile Picture On Facebook Messenger

#1: Open the Facebook app on your device and tap on your profile picture.

#2: Select the Camera icon located at the bottom of the profile picture.

#3: Pick the photos from your gallery or use your device camera to take the new picture.

#4: Select whether you want to add frame and enable profile picture guard. You can select Make temporary to set that particular image as a profile picture.

#5: Finally, click Save.

change profile picture on facebook

#6: Now, open the Messenger app and you can see the new picture.

Even if you have changed the profile picture on the web version of Facebook, the image will be updated immediately.

If you can’t see the new profile picture on messenger, restart the messenger (Settings > Apps > Messenger > Storage > Clear Storage).

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This is the only way to change profile picture on messenger. If you’re searching ways to change without using Facebook, you’re out of luck. Is there any other way to change the profile picture? Mention it in the comments section. We will review and update it on the article.

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